My 2018, New Years Eve thoughts as I ‘get up from bed, at 4 am, January 1, 2018.

Doug Copp from the front page of the Alameda Journal, San Francisco Bay. Doug appeared in hundreds of articles, in Bay Area newspapers. Doug’s inventions were showpieced, in the San Jose Museum of Technology. You can watch video of doug crawling into the collapsed Nimitz Freeway, during the 1989 earthquake by going to the video area at Bill O’reilly interviewed Doug Copp; as well as, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and many other programs. You can, also, watch the videos of Doug crawling inside the collapsed structures.

My illness and World Trade Center caused environmental exposures have resulted in my body becoming ‘contaminated’ with an extraordinary amount of toxins (such as, up to 5,000 x the ‘safe’ level of some toxins and enough lead for 510 people to be legally certified as lead poisoned, in the City of New York). I have continued to survive because of the practical devices that I have created to detoxify my bloodstream, my tissue, my fat, bones and organs. My home and my portable devices which I use in my vehicle and wear on an armband cause my environment and my body to be detoxified. My prototype devices ‘work’. More than 4,000 medical documents from 90 plus Doctors and Medical Specialists confirm my unexpected survival, reduction in toxins and improvement in many of my 47 initial medical problems.

My interests are expanding into providing ‘free electrical energy’ for my home. The side effects of using ‘created’ negative ions is to purify air and generate electricity. I have created ‘unique ’emitter array patterns’ of high voltage ‘airborne’ discharge which uses low energy sources (my portable devices uses a 9 volt battery) to purify air.My objective is to build 4 working models of an electrical power generator that sources its power from ‘normal’ air; especially, polluted ‘air’. I plan to build a portable device for powering campers,  , lawn mowers etc. Also, a more powerful generator to power a home. A device that would generate electricity to power a hybrid vehicle by using the polluted exhaust to generate electricity. Finally, a device that would generate electricity from polluted chimney stack air. The molecules of ‘pollution’ (particulate) would ‘fall’ from the air as they ‘clump’ together to form a ‘neutral’ or ‘stabilized’ electrical charge. The resulting air would be healthy, vibrant and pollution free. The ‘pollution would be converted to solid waste that can be repurposed to generate more ‘power’ or used for other purposes.

Pollution has an excess of electrons. By using extremely high voltage emitted into the air by specially designed emitter array systems I can extract electrons from the air causing a ‘high speed ‘wind’ effect. This will power a turbine. The net effects of ‘freeing ‘ or ‘knocking electrons free’ is to purify contaminated air, generate electricity and eventually on a very large scale reduce global warming by eliminating the ‘air particulates’ that cause the sun’s heat to be ‘trapped’ in the atmosphere. There are no negative effects of this process on the environment or higher life forms. The process can be easily modified to kill bacteria, virus, and fungus, as desired, with no harm to animals, insects or humans. I have done this on a practical scale to remove toxins from a house fire and to eliminate the internal wall fungus caused by a leaking roof. This is all documented by independent contractors who provided estimates to my insurance company.

Background Note: My father was an electrical engineer genius who died when I was 2 years old. He graduated from a 7-year electrical engineering program (UNB), at age 19. Too young to be licensed, as an Electrical Engineer (age 21 was the lowest possible age limit): General Electric Corporation hired him, to prevent a competitor from ‘getting him’. He had many awards, achievements and successes; before, he died at age 23.

As a child: I was always told that I was ‘just like him’. I was selected by the Engineering Institute of Canada, to work at Deutsches Forchungs und Versuchsanstalt fur Luft und Raumfahrt, Oberfaffenhofen Germany, at age 19. I had NATO Security Clearance and worked in a restricted Scientific Research Facility with 198 phd’s and me. I worked on constructing an electronic ‘trigger’ device for a laser satellite to measure ozone in the upper atmosphere. Nobody else was permitted into the guarded compound. I have had many inventions, of many kinds, all of my life. Generally, my inventions all result; as a consequence, of a practical need to make a device which solves a problem which negatively affects my life. In other words, I make things that work to solve problems, in my life. Sometimes, I have made devices for fun and entertainment; but, I am usually too busy working on serious issues and have little interest in ‘fun’.
It is, also, a fact that the astonomical amount of lead and 32 other neural toxins had caused me to be blind and a ‘vegetable’ who could not speak and did not know his own name. It took 6 months of thereapy for me to register at the bottom of an IQ test as legally ‘not responsible’ for my actions; since, my IQ was only 70. My IQ had been 164. I have recovered greatly but still am a ‘shadow’ of my pre-911 capabilities. I am grateful for every step I achieve for recovery and survival. I truly enjoy making practical devices ‘that work’ and to understand the ‘simplicity’ of our physical world.

The Triangle of Life’ makes sense because it is REAL.

Happy New Year!
doug copp
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“Christmas and New Year Rescue Humor. The Connections Between Whiskey, Cognac and Locating Dead Bodies or Will You Ever Drink Champagne Again?” is locked Christmas and New Year Rescue Humor. The Connections Between Whiskey, Cognac and Locating Dead Bodies or Will You Ever Drink Champagne Again?

The Connections between Whiskey, Cognac and Locating Dead Bodies or Will You Ever Drink Champagne Again?

To all my friends I wish a Happy and Wonderful New Year.

I find the following post amusing and have made a tradition of reposting every year. The earthquake in Mexico City caused me to have the worst auto immune system attack; since, my initial exposure at the World Trade Center. Two weeks of daily anti-biotic intravenous treatments saved me. I expect that another few months of medical treatment will stabilise me back to my medical condition prior to the Mexico City Earthquake. I look forward to a wonderful year filled with purpose and satisfaction.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I had to make my own. I have severe allergic-ìmmune system responses, to a multitude of toxins; that my body ingested; while searching, under the 911 rubble. I have respiratory attacks, immune system attacks, cerebral edema attacks, digestive system attacks, toxic glaucoma events and neurological attacks

I must be keenly aware of everything that my body comes into contact with. This has lead me to make my own wine, beer and spirits that contain no toxins (preservatives).

Some basic principles of life, were used, by me, to create several of my inventions. I learned, a long time ago; that ALL creatures, from an elephant to a human, to a bacteria or a yeast have common requirements, to exist.

All creatures must eat. They must eat in order to obtain energy for life. As a result of eating, all creatures create by-products, from the process of eating. These by-products are gaseous, liquid and solid in form. In humans we refer to these by-products as farts, urine and feces. Yeast and bacteria do the same thing.

When yeast eat sugar they give off gases (think of champagne bubbles as farts), they give off liquid (alcohol is yeast urine ) and they give off solids (the solids in the bottom of a carboy, of wine, before bottling is actually yeast feces).

Whiskey is the mixture of yeast, water and sugar. After the yeast have eaten all the sugar then the urine is distilled out and placed in a a ‘burned’ oak barrel to absorb the flavorings and color of the burned wood.

Cognac is the collected urine of yeast eating the sugars in grape juice . Then this yeast urine is distilled out, placed in a burned oak barrel, for flavoring and colors.

Different types of sugars make different tastes of yeast urine.

My Copp Casualty locator was used at the World Trade center and many other disasters,to detect ‘farts,’ produced by human flesh-eating bacteria. The device tested the gases, rising from the rubble and located the point of exit of the flesh-eating bacteria farts.

When you think about it…… farts, urine and feces, from bacteria and yeast have made a huge impact in out world.

So when you have a glass of champagne on New Years Eve you might have a ‘giggle’ thinking about ‘high society’ socialites, in their elegant gowns, drinking yeast urine and their bubbly farts. If they only thought about it.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and enjoy your glass of ‘bubbly’.

Yeast urine and flatulence make for a Merry Time with humans.

Yeast urine and flatulence make for a Merry Time with humans.

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Crawling Out of My Own Grave. Again. The Mexico City Earthquake is Not Over Yet. For Me.

People have been contacting me and asking about my health. I am jammed up with scheduled projects not started. I have been busy with 9 Doctors, many tests; several new medical problems and past ‘flare-ups’. The first 2 oral antibiotics didn’t work; I was given intravenous every day for 2 weeks. The process continues until I have an operation on December 22, 2017. The post-op recovery period is expected to be 3 months.

What happened?

Within 1/2 hour of the earthquake (Sept 20, 2017) The Mexican Government contacted us to provide them with ‘triangle of life’ video for broadcast nationally on Mexican Tv. The sound track was broadcast ma

ny times on National Radio. This did a lot to help to save more lives. The Mexican Authorities, people, victims, first responders were wonderful, to me; as always.

I drove my truck to Mexico City. I knew it would take more time (Than flying) but I wanted to have my truck (with my air purification equipment installed) to be my ‘safe haven’ from toxic exposure or a severe auto immune system attack caused by re-exposure to the World Trade Center poisons which should have killed me ( I had ingested enough poison to kill 200 people.).

Secondly, I bought the airline ticket of Jose Peralta, Peru. As a paramedic I thought he could help me if I had a severe attack. Well, I never connected with Jose and was on my own when my immune system went berserk.

Fifteen years ago, in Mexico City , I had an auto immune system attack. I contacted Dr Tim Smith, by phone. He told me that my re-exposure to 911 toxins was causing my blood to create ‘cretons’. These ‘cretons’ were thickening my blood; preventing it from flowing thru my lungs and body. He told me that I needed an injection of epinephrine and to get to ‘fresh air’ within 20 minutes or my heart would literally rupture under the pressure and I would be dead. I survived and never went back to Mexico City.

This time, I thought my machine would protect me and it did; nevertheless, when I left my truck to work I was exposed. I did have a portable device; however, it had overheated and I did not have time to build a new device. At the collapsed school, 2 Doctors saw me, in the distance, and were alarmed by my appearance. They insisted on checking my blood pressure. It was ‘off the scale’. They were alarmed. I went back to my truck for my machine to purify the air inside and outside my lungs. I was too late.

The auto immune system attack started:

1) My lungs started burning

2) My chest started hurting; I was out of breath and I felt like my heart was under pressure.

3) I drove to a field, by the side of a country road and slept in the back seat of my truck for 2 days; until, I could get enough strength to start driving the 10,000 km back home.

4) I became dizzy, my eyes were unfocused and every tiny scratch on my body became a huge pus filled swollen sore. I counted 32 of these huge sores. I developed a cyst, the size of a chicken egg, filled with poison, on my arm.

5) Infection was throughout my body. My left testicle became 5 times larger than normal. It was infection spreading throughout my body. I was given oral antibiotics. They didn’t work. The Hospital did more  tests and gave me a different oral antibiotic. That didn’t work. They started me on a daily intravenous (It took 7 hours the first session) with the strongest antibiotic possible. I ended 14 days of intravenous, yesterday.

The infection seems to be gone; however, I am left as a medical wreck and need to have surgery to remove the hydrocele that has formed around my left testicle.

I plan to get back to work; as hard as possible, to make up for lost time. I think that it will be February or March; before, I can continue my trip to the Middle east and the Holy land. I want to go for spiritual reasons; as well as train first responders to save lives from bombed buildings.

A previous team of Medical Specialists have diagnosed me with Systemic Peripheral Neuropathy: involuntary severe individual muscle contractions, loss of strength in muscles and ‘phantom’ pain flashes of my nervous system sending severe pain signals to my brain..without normal injury. One second my foot feels like it was hit with a hammer and  5 seconds later that is gone and I fill like my arm is being broken…etc..etc..etc The pain is there but no injury. This is not fun.

My diagnosis is that the lead (enough for 510 people to be legally declared ‘lead poisoned’ in the city of new York) and 32 other neural toxins found in my body at unprecedented levels is causing a complete collapse of my nervous system.

At my worst point, 911 caused me to have 47 simultaneous medical problems. Now, I have, only, 35 medical problems. I need to go to my missions , with my machines and do all I can; while I still can.

Once, I become paralyzed then I will publish my book. It is a book about many positive and wonderful ‘joys’ of life; with horror, terror, assassination, death squads, treason and crimes against humanity. After, I am in a wheelchair I will still fight against evil.

I refuse to give up. I love my life and what I have done with it.

Treat your life like it is the most precious thing that you possess; because, it is. The question is: “What are you going to do with it?”

Prelude; Some of my thoughts before going to the Mexico City earthquake:

  1. For the first time in 32 years. I thought that my ‘Death-There’ was certain.

Why? Mrs Lois McLeod, 95 years old, is the mother of my best childhoood friend. She spoke with me. She told me that she had had nightmares that I died , at the Mexico City Earthquake. Mrs mcleod is very conservative, functional, realistic and a no-nonsense type of person. She remains so. I was ‘analytical’ that she ‘foresaw’ my death. Especially her..after 52 years of knowing me…and seeing me escape the’ clutches of death’ a routine and boring number of times.

I started saving lives on a large scale; during the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

It seemed too appropriate, too bizarre, too ‘pre-determined’ ; for me to die on the 32nd anniversary, to the day, in a collapsed school, in Mexico City. A collapsed school, in Mexico City was the first of 892 collapsed buildings that I was intimate with. Considering the bizarre nature of an  ‘active’ life….. experience; I expected to die, in Mexico City. It could not have been more appropriate. To die, in a collapsed school, on the same day, in the same city as I had started 32 years ago.

The Lord knows. I do not. I will not make a mistake, at a rescue. I will fight to save lives and survive till my last breath.

I am surprised that I did not die; under the rubble of Mexico City Earthquake 2017.

All the horror of my years of going into Hell, to save lives and reduce suffering gave me the understanding  of many of life’s mysteries. I would like nothing better than to die; saving somebodies life; however, I seem to be too capable to die that way.

I will do the best that I can; with any challenge. I really love saving lives, helping people and doing good things. I will do whatever God wants me to do.

I am still alive. I will save more lives and..Before, I die… book will be the ‘summation of my life long experiences.’

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Is There Any Limit to Greed and Stupidity? In Canada, the Initial Answer Was “No”.

Source: Is There Any Limit to Greed and Stupidity? In Canada, the Initial Answer Was “No”.

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Is There Any Limit to Greed and Stupidity? In Canada, the Initial Answer Was “No”.

My girlfriend is Ginette Charbonneau. Ginette has just returned with me from Trujillo, Peru where the Mayor had asked me to command/maximize the disaster response to ‘El Nino’ with minimum resources available.  Ginette, is a nuclear physicist who has asked for my help, as the most experienced Disaster Mitigation/Manager, in the world.

A group of hundreds of  scientists, activists, environmentalists, politicians and SANE people has been formed, to combat a bizarre plan to dump millions of Cubic yards of  human-lethal radioactive waste, next to the Ottawa River and it’s water aquifier.

The craziest part of this bizarre drama is the fact that most of the waste will be from demolishing the radioactive concrete  laboratory building at Chalk River Nuclear Facility. They plan to demolish the radioactive building (because, the buildings are too contaminated to occupy or keep at the facility?).

Before, I rescued people from collapsed buildings; I was a demolition expert. I had my own company, and worked for others; including, the Head Office of the World’s Largest Demo Company-C.W.C. (35 offices around the world.), in Los Angeles. I can tell you; as any other General Superintendent, Estimator or Demolition Contractor that concrete buildings generate a tremendous amount of dust which is minimized by spraying a continuous large volume of water on the site. Bottom Line: it is completely insane to consider demolishing radioactive concrete buildings without expecting: 1) all the workers to die, 2) That the air, water, soil of the surrounding area and the local life forms will become radioactively contaminated. Somebody is not paying attention. Somebody is not gathering required facts/information/details to make a realistic plan of action.

Furthermore, this dump is planned to be a ‘normal’ rubber lined dump, open to the air and environment, for 30 to 50 years. After 30 to 50 years of filling it with radioactive material they plan to cover it with a rubber sheet covered with dirt. This lethal radioactive material will be lethal to humans for MANY thousands of years. The mathematical probability of this contamination is certain.

In the short term like all dumps: off-gassing (You can smell the molecules of toxins in the air a 1/2 mile away), birds, insects and the wind will spread material; however, this is not ‘normal’ garbage. We are talking about radioactive contamination. This human-lethal material will eventually leak  into the Ottawa River and Saint Lawrence River causing the contamination of the water supply for millions of Canadians. After contamination, in the future, expect, The City of Ottawa, to become abandoned. Who will want to live in a radioactively contaminated area?  Think of the property values and touristic desirability of Ottawa becoming a ‘sister city’ to Chernobyl.

I had previously written, to this group and suggested a more practical approach. They had initially responded to this ‘Environmental Nightmare’, as scientists do, with long detailed scientific reports. These reports were thorough, scientifically conclusive but needed  some practical operational ‘punch’ to be effective.

Here is the text of my initial email:

“”As the most experienced expert, in the world, at Disaster Mitigation, I make a suggestion: Start your announcement …plain and simple..with a direct, no-nonsense.. statement. Such as:

” The Canadian Government and some financial interests plan to dump a mountain of radioactive material next to the Ottawa River.
This would create danger, death, and destruction at unprecedented levels, for thousands of years. It must be stopped.

There are solutions.
The material needs to be placed in a seismically safe, underground area; forever away from human contact; preferably, in the Canadian Shield.There it can remain undisturbed for the thousands of years required for the radioactive material to become non-lethal.

The current plan to dump this lethal poison, in the open, like ‘normal’ waste might be profitable and less costly for the people who are responsible for creating this poison; but, it is stupid, reckless and murderous.

Is there any limit to greed, stupidity, selfishness? Apparently not.

This must be stopped….see below for details and scientific evidence.”

doug copp””

I wonder what kind of ‘mind’ would support dumping millions of tons of radioactive waste into the most highly populated area of Canada? Why would they want to do this? There should be a complete and public exposure of the people whose greed/self interest is so great that they would endanger the lives of so many people. It is truly amazing what some people will try to ‘get away with’.

There is a huge swelling of people, from all walks of life, who have become enraged and demand corrections. Canadians are wonderfully good, intelligent, caring and decent people. Yes, there are some ‘rats’, in every country. Nevertheless, in Canada, I have no doubt that self-preservation and sanity  will prevail over greed and stupidity.

Douglas Copp

This was hand delivered, by me (Doug Copp) to the office of, Mark Eyking MP (Sydney-Victoria) on August 8, 2017. Other related documents were included.

………..Ginette’s (English Version) letter, taking my advice is below:

Reaction to the Submissions (August 4, 2017) of the City of Ottawa and the Medical Officer of Health for the City of Ottawa to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission RE: CNL’s Proposal for a Mega Dump for Radioactive Waste at Chalk River, Ontario

The Canadian Government and some financial interests plan to dump a mountain of radioactive material next to the Ottawa River.
This would create danger, death, and destruction at unprecedented levels, for thousands of years. It must be stopped.

There are solutions.
The material needs to be placed in a seismically safe, underground area; forever away from human contact and rivers; preferably, in the Canadian Shield.
There it can remain undisturbed for the thousands of years required for the radioactive material to become non-lethal.

The current plan to dump radioactive material like ‘normal’ waste might be profitable and less costly for the people who are responsible for creating this radioactive pollution.
Is there any limit to greed and stupidity? Apparently not!

It is not the time to have false diplomacy, to make short term apparent economy and to pretend that measuring the radioactivity is enough to protect the citizens; measuring is not solving the problem!

Using a short term, typical, ‘normal’ dump when the radioactive substances have a life of thousands of years is completely irrational!

And it will leak in the river and will inevitably contaminate the air and the marine life. Would you dare to drink that water and to eat fish from that river? Would you take the risk to affect the chromosomes of future babies? I sincerely and honestly believe that this is wrong! I am not going to take white gloves to tell you what I think! You did a dirty job!
Don’t you see that the objective of the project is to have a place to store the demolition waste material to build new labs in Chalk River; but it does not solve the radioactive waste legacy! An installation for the medium activity radioactive waste is badly needed. It costs a lot of money but there is no other choice. It has to be done properly! Every person having common sense knows that the most dangerous cause of risk must be addressed first!
Apparently, you have not analyze thoroughly the Environmental Impact Statement and not read the comments made by scientists. You did not do your job properly!

It is time to take your responsibilities. If you need help to understand the nuclear issues of that project ask specialists. You made a big error and you disappointed a lot of people. Have the decency to correct your mistakes with honesty and better knowledge! Otherwise the consequences will be terrible for you and us.

I swear on the head of my children and grand-children that I will not accept that you act in such an irresponsible manner without consequences! I am a Canadian citizen and I care for the people of my country.

Ginette Charbonneau
Ralliement contre la pollution nucléaire

Home Address:
8 rue des Cèdres, Oka, QC

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Rescue/Survival Institute/Training Center Opening in Peru

Source: Rescue/Survival Institute/Training Center Opening in Peru

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Rescue/Survival Institute/Training Center Opening in Peru

ART-Peru, ARTI-Ecuador and ARTI-USA together at our training center.

Doug Copp ARTI-Canada/ARTI-USA, Jesus Peralta N ARTI-Peru and Jose (pepe) Gallardo Pezo ARTI-Ecuador (USAR BREC Mexico) working together.

We have begun our training mission throughout Peru; during the climate change disaster, in Peru. I am very pleased to say that it has been a very satisfying success. As a result of previous missions to Peru, every public building (Government Building) in Peru and every building open to the public (stores, airports, pharmacies, companies etc etc) in the entire country have posted ‘Safe Zone’ (Zona Segura) signs as determined by myself throughout the entire country. This was mandated by law via the Defensa Civil of Peru as instructed by me.

These ‘Zona Segura en caso de seismo’ (Safe Zone in case of earthquake) signs are everywhere; including this Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant.

Also, the schools are enthusiastically promoting the triangle of life. It brought me great satisfaction that the children know all the details of surviving an earthquake.

We went to every class in this school of 2,000 students.



At the end of the day the entire school had an emergency drill.



Defensa Civil of Peru, ARTI and the schoolchildren rescued ‘victims’ in this practice.

School Officials, Civil Defense and ARTI all working together to save children’s lives with the triangle of life.

Now we have begun an extensive training process for many organizations/companies/rescue teams and other relative groups.

Rescuing the survivor in the triangle of life

Doug Copp teaching how to crawl over rubble without any disturbance. Everyone learned how to crawl over rubble inside of a collapsed building ‘like a feather’ touching the rubble. ( waiting for an operation on my knee..I was happy that I could still glide like a gentle breeze through rubble.)

We have already collected a huge compilation of videos, photos and documents of our work in Peru. We will be posting as our hectic pace of training allows us a few minutes to publish.

I must say that I felt very blessed, to have had such purpose in life. To see my safe zone signs posted everywhere I go and most importantly in the school classroom where the children enthusiastically shouted the correct answers to a rapid fire blitz of 20 survival questions concerning the triangle of life at school and their home.

They were proud to know all the answers to survive.

My Doctors thought that it was extreme for a man as sick as I am to be doing this; but, I am so satisfied that I would gladly give my life for the joy that this mission has brought me. Gracias Dios! Thank You God! I am grateful.

Our posting last year announcing our plans, for our rescue training center:


Jesus Peralta, ARTI (American Rescue Team International) Director of Peru is opening a Training Center in Lima, Peru. This Institute will train rescue teams and organizations from throughout Latin America in many types of rescue and in the ‘Triangle Of Life’.

Please read my previous blogs concerning Jesus Peralta and watch my supportive video.

Jesus is a very fine and outstanding person who has my complete support, in every thing he does.


The Importance of Now

Climate Change has had a severe negative effect on the traditional, current and ancient Highland Agricultural Areas of Peru. Climate Change has caused an unprecedented drought resulting in the agricultural areas of the Incas to go dead. Very little food or none is being produced. These ancient communities are being abandoned because the people cannot produce enough food to survive.

The Massive El Nino of 2015 and 2016

Yes, there will be welcome rainfall and there will be many floods, mudslides; causing predictable deaths. The Highlands will welcome the water; however, the drought dry soil of climate change will not be able to absorb the excess water; as it would have prior to Climate Change. This will result in many more landslides, mudslides and the dreaded ‘huacos’ which cause the the landslides to become super charged, bringing down trees and boulders at incredible speeds and traveling for incredible distances. These events were witnessed, by me, in the previous El Nino.  I visited 3 places that no longer existed. Derummbes  ‘wiped them from the earth’. One of the most amazing experiences that I ever encountered in my 100+ major disaster experiences. I had gone to idealic, beautiful spots; before, El Nino. Afterwards, I went to rescue. There was no rescue. These ‘places’ ceased to exist. No trace remained, of any kind.

Positive Note:

This will be an incentive for support, for the much needed Rescue/Disaster Training Institute.


“Warning systems allow farmers time to leave some of their land fallow so that in a flood event water can be directed there and stored away from more valuable crops. Areas that are normally too dry for cultivation can be seeded in advance of El Niño events to make the best use of the increased rainfall and fishermen can change their netting practices to target shellfish, and fish that flourish in warmer waters such as mahi-mahi and tuna.”

Jesus Peralta and his compadres had perfect timing, for the Institute. It was never so needed…as NOW!

doug copp

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