August 2012 till November 2012 Updates to these categories almost every day click the ARTI website for more.

Prior to Thompson Lang ( THINK: A Donald Trump wannabee), owner of the Albuquerque Journal, publishing his deeply vengeful, personal attack upon Doug Copp; Doug had appeared in 50,000 newspapers, around the world, saving lives.

Born wealthy/ powerful and inheriting a vast fortune while still a University Student. Lang dropped out of school and began a life of destruction. Described by F Lee Bailey, (one of the most famous attorneys, in history) as a “power hungry bully” Lang went ‘berserk’, drunk and licentious with power. Read about Lang and his nefarious lifestyle by clicking here.

We will post, as time allows, many of the front page stories of Doug Copp saving lives, around the world. Most of the major newspapers, of the entire world, have written front page stories about Copp and ARTi, coming to the rescue, in their countries.

We have a stack of front pages, from floor to ceiling.

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