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The Fleas on Rats Caused the Medieval Bubonic Plague. Toilet Paper Will Cause the Next Pandemic Wave. The ‘Hottest’ Virus Spot on Earth: The USA Truckers Toilet.

From my Facebook post today: Be shocked!:You are under extreme threat and will need to ‘lock down’ again because of this HUGE MISTAKE! Canadians and Americans are coming to Sydney and throughout Canada from the hottest ‘virus hot spots’ in … Continue reading

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The Canadian Government is implementing my plan too slow. This Virus would have been STOPPED/ERADICATED last April!

Understand that every country, in this world, is at the precipice of taking a nose dive into Hell (We are a connected world. The United Nations of this world NEED to be the United Nations.) for all of us, for … Continue reading

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Corona Virus. Let’s get real. If you want to know what will be happening before the news tells you. I’ll do it here. I have been publishing for people to wear a mask; since, March 6. All the suffering and loss of life could have been prevented. Wear a Mask!

                Reposted from March:…..not for children to read..too scary..but all safe, be smart, be practical..if you don’t ‘deal with reality’ then ‘reality will deal’ with you. Share this link: Read from the … Continue reading

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