The Canadian Government is implementing my plan too slow. This Virus would have been STOPPED/ERADICATED last April!

Understand that every country, in this world, is at the precipice of taking a nose dive into Hell (We are a connected world. The United Nations of this world NEED to be the United Nations.) for all of us, for all of our lives. I publish this information, now, to assist politicians to pay attention. When, most of them,  finally realize, too late, to prevent ‘horror’ that I have been 100% accurate. I pray to God, they will finally pay attention before we are completely destroyed.

I was asked to help stop the Virus in Iran. At major disasters, around the world, for 35 years I came to one simple conclusion (to stay sane and determine who should live and who will die when it is impossible to save everyone): Everyone is the same and has the same value before GOD; regardless of religion, race, culture or politics. I treated everyone the same, on these issues.

I chose orphans first, regular children next, then women and finally men. People who were neglected I gave priority.

My last message to Iran, after receiving, a request to publish my mitigation plan:

“If there was one simple thing for the Government and people of Iran to do to STOP this pandemic and the whole cornucopia of Hell it will unleash….. in terms of ‘human suffering’ it is to do one SIMPLE THING: ‘WEAR A MASK!’. BUT under emergency legislation force industry to manufacture masks.

Give every single man, woman, and child 60 masks, for free…otherwise it won’t be effective. Make sure that there is NO profiteering and everyone gets 60 masks.

Make the penalty extreme, for endangering everyone’s life and the ECONOMY/ Political Stability/revolution/violence that will result throughout the world, for NOT wearing a MASK.

After implementation, the virus will be completely eradicated within 30 days and the economy and life can return to normal. This solution is intelligent, focused, effective, life saving and will PREVENT the economic ‘horrors’ of a complete economic collapse which will surely follow.

In Canada, I have been publishing/contacting elected officials/screaming about this for 5 months.

In Canada, the entire pandemic and all of it’s ‘horrors’, to come (I know what is coming and you don’t..but it will scare the ‘Hell out of you.) could have been eradicated in April…if the Government would have enacted my mitigation program immediately. They are doing it, now, but too slowly and ineffectively. They were/are too stupid.

In March, I published that the Minister of Health of Canada was an ‘Incompetent Liar’, 5 months ago when she told/lied to TV audiences that masks were not needed and the border with the USA should not be closed. She did this to save masks for Hospitals and to continue economic/political trade with the USA. It is always stupid and has dire consequences for politicians to lie during a major disaster, like this. I know, I have experienced more than 100 of them.

If she was a man I would demand that she be put in prison and castrated. I am ‘pissed off’ EVERYONE will eventually be when they discover that their lives have been destroyed by these lying incompetent assholes.

The horror of this disaster has just started and apparently, I am the ONLY ONE to know and see it ALL coming.

All of the economic collapse to come, all of the deaths, all of the medical suffering stems from her ‘boldfaced’ stupid lies. She will go to Hell.

Iran can stop the virus..NOW..

In the Gujarat Earthquake, I saved 250,000 to 500,000 lives, being lost, as the Ministry of Health of India had predicted ..further stating that ‘” nothing can be done to prevent” this amount of death resulting from another expected/consequential outbreak of the plague, following the earthquake with rats feeding upon 100,000 corpses.

My implemented plan saved 250,000 to 500,000 lives..according to the Ministry of Health’s own calculations.

The way to Stop the Pandemic is to Stop the incompetence. IN EVERY COUNTRY!


I have been doing this for 35 years! Pay attention!

It is ironic that Iran can and probably will listen to reason and Canadian politicians just cannot get their ‘head out of their ass’.”


For clarity: I am a LIBERAL. I voted for Trudeau and I will again.


Thank God we don’t have an Andrew Sheer/ Trump guy handling this pandemic problem.

I support Trudeau but want him to ‘get on the ball’, follow my pandemic mitigation plan and end this GOD DAMN Pandemic.

No Canadain Politician has expressed the collective intelligence of a virus…and that is pathetic in a pandemic!


Hang me or follow me…I love people. My heart is broken.


doug copp

About doug copp

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. International Disaster Reduction Institute Institute of International Disaster January 2010 – Present (3 years 10 months)worldwide The world's most experienced Rescuer/Disaster Mitigation Management Expert , crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings at 100+ disaster events during war, peace and revolution Plus a lifetime of High Adventure; including, an undercover cop. .At almost 3,000 serious life threatening events and the medical survival from enough toxins to kill 200+ people, I am probably the world's leading survivor, from death. Survival Scientist Linkedin Profile: Summary saving lives, reducing suffering. "You must not only be good. You must be wise and wise enough to know who is good." doug copp Sometimes it is NOT enough to do good things must be strong enough to endure the attack...that will follow; especially if you are trying to place children's lives ahead of USA Insurance Company Profits...crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings helped to give me the courage that it takes; especially, considering that I have been sick every single day; since 911. FYI: USA Insurance companies oppose my 'triangle of life' survival method; because, 90% of the children would survive; instead of 98% dead. This translates into//actuarial tables indicate, survivor's seeking compensation for trauma (physical or mental) with a net result of diminished shareholder return. The insurance Company Executives told us: ” We are in the business of maximizing shareholder return..NOT..saving lives.” The USA School Boards have been told by their Insurance Carriers that their policies would be terminated or the premium would become extreme..if the children are allowed to survive, following my method. I tried to learn: I am responsible for 'what I do' and for 'what I do NOT do'. I am responsible for 'MY actions'. I am not responsible for what other people do. I discovered: that people never regret 'doing the right thing'. They only regret 'doing the wrong thing'. A life devoid of 'something worth dying for', is a life, 'not worth living'. Do all the living you can; while you can. 650,000 people died, at the major disasters I worked at..I have seen things that you cannot imagine. For all the persecution, hatred, violence and disgusting behavior that I have endured; in fighting against, evil, greedy bastards who exploited the helpless and preyed upon people..I am glad that I always did 'the right thing'. I always stood up; many times, by myself; but never alone.. If you can't be YOURSELF then who can you be?
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