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End the Virus in a month. Watch the videos. Make Hospitals Safe! Share this , Save Lives and end this Stupidity/Madness!

Update: May 26, 2020. U.S. NEWS 05/25/2020 21:42 EDT Furious Shoppers Boot Out Woman Buying Groceries Without A Face Mask The people yelling at the shopper were over-the-top angry, and several shouted obscenities and insults. “All New Yorkers must wear … Continue reading

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Killing the Virus. Inside Your Home, at Work and in Your Body.

The Government can stop this pandemic virus and everything can return to normal in 2 weeks. Wear a mask. The virus is spread by breathing. Everybody infected who goes outside without a mask spreads the virus on everything. It can … Continue reading

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The Virus Can Result in a Better World. My experience is All Disasters Create Opportunities for Good and Evil. The Sun Will Shine Again.

We need to maximize the good and minimize the bad. I will give you many examples of my past experiences when great disasters/tragedies also accomplished many good and positive things to make people’s lives better. Now, that some Governments are … Continue reading

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