Corona Virus. Let’s get real. If you want to know what will be happening before the news tells you. I’ll do it here.





not for children to read..too scary..but all safe, be smart, be practical..if you don’t ‘deal with reality’ then ‘reality will deal’ with you. Share this link: Read from the bottom to the top for a timeline of updates.

Update March 29, 2020.

Upbeat/Update: Virus not all bad: These are very stressful times. The sun will shine…

In Canada, I expect that people will be ‘let out of their cages in June/July and that will lead to another wave of virus outbreaks in July/August. Be sure to buy seeds and fill your house to the roof with food/supplies.,, during that short break..before lockdown comes back again in August/Sept.

All disasters of every kind have both good and bad consequences. The object/goal is to maximize the good aspects and minimize the bad aspects. The planet earth itself is screaming that it needs to be better treated and more appreciated because we can’t live without it. The planet is breathing easier because of less pollution and less human destruction. From the planet’s perspective, the virus is helping the planet to survive. This Pandemic and global breakdown will last for generations in some countries like Italy. It will be a long hard time; however, in some countries like Canada, it will lead to a much better country where I expect more freedom, compassion, mutual understanding, and more humanity. Canada’s fast, effective and humane actions with a real humane/Intelligent Prime Minister will make us the envy of the world, in many post-vrus-world ways.

Overall, I expect a better world in many ways. The USA will be going thru Hell. I expect many waves with many deaths and an incredible amount of suffering. The people who survive the ordeal, in the USA, will have historical opportunities to change ‘America’ to be much more humane like FDR did in the last Great Depression. Or the opportunity will be wasted like George Bush jr did after 911/WTC. If Trump is replaced I expect a better world with National Health Care as a human right and many other improvements in the life of the average American. If Trump cancels the election and stays in power I expect America to be ‘flushed down the drain’.

My experiences around the world with disaster mitigations would lead me to expect that many more Americans will be casualties of ‘spinoff disasters’ than the actual pandemic waves.

Be safe, Pay attention and try to be as cheerful as you can. The sun will shine again.

March 22. 2020. Update for Mitigating the Corona Virus Symptoms: Help yourself. Nobody cares as much about you as you do.

Till there is a vaccine. This should be very effective in 80% of cases. If anybody can tell me that I am not understanding this problem with clarity or my ‘solution’ has an error or incorrect conclusion PLEASE inform me. I want to know everything possible about this problem.

I am going to create a post for poor and desperate third world people who never have access to manufactured prescriptions, healthcare or any commercial products of any kind. They are the never mentioned and forgotten MAJORITY of the people of this world. I always, help them first at major disasters. (I kept the President of El Salvador waiting while I was the only rescuer at the orphanage. The Colonel who was sent for me waited in his truck for 2 hours. President Duarte, later gave me an award for heroism, called his friend the CEO of TACA Airlines (to refund my airline ticket). Only 1 building was left standing at the Presidential Compound. The rest were filled with crushed victims.)

Of course, a ventilator is a mechanical device that removes Carbon Dioxide, pushes Oxygen under pressure etc, etc etc..BUT use my remedy if you have NOTHING..and 99% of people will have nothing..very soon. GET REAL! Welcome to my world. It is not a world of everybody gets picked up by an ambulance and taken to the ICU. It is a world of SAVE YOURSELF OR DIE. I HAVE LIVED IN IT FOR 35 YEARS…and if you do get better it will help you and allow you to suffer less. In most of the world they have nothing, never did have anything and never will have anything. Everybody doesn’t live in the pre virus paradise of Canada.

This is my possible solution: Take a pot of boiling water place a towel over your head and the pot and breathe the steam deeply. Ingredients: Tumeric, basil (Tulsi) and ginger root powder. Collectively they are anti-oxidant, anti-Rhinoviral (The rhinovirus is the virus that causes colds, flu etc) and are used in commercial expectorants to relieve congestion and mucus. It should have very positive results. My understanding is that ventilators are needed because people suffocate due to mucus ‘clogging’ the passageways that allow oxygen to enter our bloodstream via the respiratory system. The ventilators allow the victims to ‘breathe’ mechanically. This formula above will break up the mucus allowing Oxygen to enter the bloodstream. It will ‘boost’ the immune system to fight against inflammation, infection and thirdly to actually kill/destroy/weaken many viruses..especially the virus family called Rhinovirus.


March 17, 2020. Critically Important Update: To have the greatest impact on Stopping this Global Pandemic and Economic Disaster. I offer a solution. The more you mingle…. like previrus times..the faster the virus is eliminated.


I posted on my facebook page that I would give away free my invention to sterilize structures rapidly and 100 times more effective than the current process of spraying alcohol to kill the virus. Check it out.

I have 44 inventions/practical devices, in total (ever since I worked at a German Think Tank (DFVLR) at age 19 and constructed a ‘trigger’ for a laser satellite); however, 2 of them will have a shattering effect on mitigating the virus problem: I am giving them to charities, for free.

I propose: The charity/humanitarian will find a manufacturer, sign a contract and use their share of proceeds to do their charitable, humanitarian work. This is open to any charity, in any country that I have collaborated with during disasters and to any other charity of any and all countries; that can convince me that they will not exploit the profits; but will use them to stop the virus, save lives, help people and do good things. I want to make a point of not asking for a single cent for myself. My life is about saving lives, helping people and making the world a better place. I am different but I am real. I will be poor. I learned 40 years ago that money/wealth wasn’t enough, to satisfy what I wanted from my life.

Device 1) I have a device that I wear on my arm (armband). It is powered by a 12 v lithium battery which I keep in my pocket. I made this so that I would be able to go into public places that my extreme-severe 911 allergic reactions prevented me from going for many years without life-threatening respiratory failure leading to cardiac arrest. I came within seconds of death several times. Direct medical intervention was required to prevent my immediate death. I have used this for 4 years to allow me to go into areas like refineries (Interstate 10 thru Houston), smoke-filled bars (New Orleans French Quarter), perfume areas (Walmart) and a whole host of other life-threatening areas that would otherwise cause me to ‘cough up blood’, go into convulsions, in a minute….and ‘run away’ as fast as I could because my life depended on how fast I could get away from the ‘exposure’.

Here is the mitigation: It creates a 3 ft’ safe aura’ around the individual. It destroys all virus, bacteria and removes all toxins surrounding the individual. I am willing to go into a virus-infected area; such as a Hospital Ward of virus-infected victims without a mask to prove it. This can be filmed, judged and certified, by the Police of any country. I have used it with complete success for 4 years. It works.

The problem is that the best design that I could make balances power consumption and heat distribution, in such a way that it ‘burns out’ after 6 months. Size/weight/heat emission/emitter numbers/power consumption and ‘use time per charge’ need to be ‘balanced’ for practical functionality.

 Consequence: Everyone who wears it will destroy the virus everywhere they go. The more they mingle. The more the virus will be destroyed. This will eliminate quarantine, lockdown, and seclusion. The economy and lifestyle can return to pre virus conditions….and it will even reduce pollution and make people healthier. It will stop, the thousands of murders that will happen when poeple are ‘locked up’ under stress for months.

Patients and medical staff can breath pure air….virus free. I used this concept in the mobile Ebola Medical/Treatment Facility I designed 3 years ago. I will give this design away, ‘for free’ too.

Device 2) This device decontaminates a home, office, room. It will destroy all bacteria, viruses, fungus and eliminate pollution (They all turn to dust, cling together in ‘clumps’ and fall to the floor…I need to clean my glass TV Stand every day from the toxic fallout of my normal home. You would be stunned at all the crap that is suspended in the air of your home. It results in a  tremendous ‘boost’ to your immune system, to prevent all those toxins, viruses and bacteria from entering your bloodstream via your respiratory system.)

Let me be very clear, For the manufacturer: I will discuss with the manufacturers 3 options: 1) a design that uses primarily ‘off the shelf’  components that can be functional, quickly assembled and sold/assembled rapidly and inexpensively. 2) a design that uses ‘off the shelf’ components but requires more manufacturing. 3) A design that will require complete manufacturing. This will take more time, more cost and complete manufacturing. (Design 3) will use a spiral, in line, multi-emitter, array system. This will produce 100 times as many ‘virus busting’/emissions per watt of Design 1) and Design 2). Design 3 will look like a bazooka with a backpack rechargeable power supply. The manufacturer can choose to make all three designs simultaneously.

The charities and humanitarians should contact me. I will speak with the manufacturer’s technical department to provide them with construction/build details. It is not enough for me to provide a ‘car’. I need to teach them how to use/ ‘drive it’. In other words, I will create the video and user manual to maximize mitigation/functional applications. Anybody can wear device #1. Device 2 needs some simple explanations, for contractors and ‘handymen’.

Understand that these devices require skill and knowledge to construct because they use volatile components and high voltage (100,000 volts). If you don’t know what you are doing, when building/constructing/manufacturing it then it can kill you. Once, constructed with safety features it will be safe for the user…no problem.

I have been contacted by some humanitarians, in the Philippines. This is open…worldwide to the thousands of rescuers/fire departments/rescue teams/humanitarians that I have saved lives with and to every other ‘good person’ to facilitate humanitarian causes.

Again, I want to make a cristal clear point because ‘evil bastards’ will try to destroy anything that is good; I want absolutely nothing, for me.




If you cannot buy anymore ‘alcohol’ to sterilize then use vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, soap and water. All of these methods destroy the virus-cell wall. There are many ways to kill a virus.

The virus is a very fragile life form. It’s cell wall is easy to destroy. O3 is the best, high voltage electricity (100,000 volts) it explodes their cell walls High voltage between 2 terminals cause the air between the terminals to become unstable. The air is stabilized again when the unstable molecules ‘hunt down’ virus to destroy by neutralizing with the virus nucleus. In simple terms, the air blows apart a virus and doesn’t affect you. I have been doing this in my home and my body for 5 years. Medical professionals should get there face out of the PDR (Pharmacy Book) and use their brains to think. This is so simple.

Stupid people do stupid things..during a major disaster survival depends upon being safe, smart and practical. If you don’t pay attention you suffer or die…it is not complicated.

What next? Update March 16, 2020.

The Government of Canada is taking some very positive actions, very quickly. This Canadian Mitigation Effort is 100 times better than the USA; however, actions and ‘real plans’ must be made for the long term future. This virus is not going away soon. Canada still hasn’t shut down the non-essential traffic with across the severely ‘diseased/infected/plagued’ border with the USA. This is the single most important thing for Canada to do now.
Drive in check up sites, sterile gas stations, military portable hospitals ( I designed a mobile Hospital for treating Ebola Virus 3 years ago. I will give this to the Canadian Military for free.), the Canadian Military ships can have many useful roles, long term logistics of food for the general populations..etc etc etc need to be focused on now.
Most importantly it is necessary to shift from ancient/antiquated/obsolete and ineffective ‘alcohol based’ viral contact mitigation to use Unstable Oxygen Generators/ guns that will create and ‘blast the air or any surface or any room or any person with a non human toxic gas but will destroy/rupture the cell wall of the virus killing it instantly.
I will give the design to a manufacturer ( who contributes part of the proceeds to the relief of victims) I want nothing, for myself.

Update: March 15, 2020. I expect this to be the worst disaster in Human History. Can I be wrong? I pray to God that I am…but it is not realistic. The world that you knew 2 weeks ago will never return. It is gone. By the time this virus subsides in 1 or 2 years and eradicated in 40 years, the ‘virus itself’ will only cause 1/3 of the death, horror, nightmare of hellish suffering that humanity will suffer.

Who am I that you should listen to me?

I have been at a single disaster with 325,000 dead.

I have been in 3 cities without a single building left standing.

I have been in a city with 0 survivors..25,000 of 25,000 died.

I have listened to the screams of women being gang-raped all night long and the police scared to death to go outside.

I have listened to the screams and gunshots of people being murdered…all night long.

I have been at disasters where desperate people murder for a loaf of bread or a bottle of clean water.

I have slept next to a pile of many thousands of decomposing bodies with rats running in and out of the pile.

I have watched upon a giant open field filled with the flapping wings and the sounds of thousands upon thousands of vultures gorging themselves upon the ‘ripped apart corpses'(entrails and all) of thousands of dead victims. No horror movie has broadcast anything as bad as what I have actually witnessed.

Outside of a collapsed hospital, in Haiti, the Hospital Director had lost his mind. He was dressed like a regular Dr with a tie and a white cloak. He was a short man. He was nonstop tugging on my sleeve and repeating like a madman: “I need medicine. I need medicine. I need medicine…over and over and over…” as we were surrounded by many thousands of people  (with minor injuries like broken arms and broken legs.). They were all screaming in a collective shrill of agony and pain. There was no medicine. There was no water. There was no food. They all screamed until they died with no treatment. It was sheer horror….the rest of the story was worse.

I have stared into the night of a darkened city illuminated by thousands of piles of burning corpses…with the smoke of burning corpses lifting into the air.

I have crawled over squashed newborn babies, in a collapsed maternity ward, to save a crying baby.

I crawled  1 1/2 miles under the rubble of 911, searching every ‘nook and cranny’ all the way to the flooded subways. This was the ‘darkest most sinister’ place on earth.

I have seen rats eating the face of a teacher.

I have seen people drinking out of a sewer.

I have seen every kind of distorted, crushed, decomposing body.

I have crawled thru a classroom of children crushed under their desks to 1 inch thick.

I have been at disasters where thousands of people were driven insane and people stood like statues paralyzed until they dropped dead.

I have seen and experienced things that are impossible..many times.

I have experienced bad things at disasters like this one, will probably become…I could go on for an hour of the things that I have PERSONALLY SEEN nad EXPERIENCED…that is who I am.

I expect this to be far worse. During the last great depression/like this one is becoming: I will tell you that there will be champions of ‘goodness’ to emerge like Franklyn Delano Roosevelt and there will be villains to emerge like Adolf Hitler. There will be a battle there always has been at every one of the 100 plus major disasters that I have worked. It will be a battle between ‘good and evil’. Good people rush in to help. Bad people exploit the disaster.

In the 1999 Turkish Earthquake, a crowd was beating a man to death. A cop broke it up and asked what was going on. The crowd told the cop that this scum had cut the wedding ring FINGER AND ALL off the swollen dead body of a new bride, to steal her ring. The cop turned around and walked away..telling the crowd to do what they wanted. I have a million stories….

People who react to slowly pay the price with death and suffering. People who pay attention do better.

Canada has a leader, Justin Trudeau, who will do his best to do the right thing and the good matter how many naive mistakes he makes. Other leaders will exploit the disaster, for their own selfish ends. I will be greatly surprised if the USA ever has another election.

Hitler canceled elections in Germany after declaring a National Emergency; because a ‘jew’ burned the Reichstag…. 6 million dead jews and 50 million dead people later..we know how that worked out.

History repeats itself and ‘plagues’ normally wipe out half the population. This world with crowded cities…and many more negative contributing factors..will make it worse..not better. Before they were agrarian people then..they had food..they were isolated..they were self-sufficient. We have a thousand vulnerabilities that previous populations did not have.

The ‘wildfire’ of disease spreading across the USA will cause people to flee to the relative safety of Canada. Trump preventing testing to ‘keep his numbers low’ put a blindfold on a firefighter trying to stop YOUR house from burning to the ground Make no mistake about it. He already has blamed the disaster on his ‘jew’: the ‘fake media news’ and the’democrats’. What do you expect next? A spacecraft to land in front of the Whitehouse and an emerging alien to make the virus disappear…or Christ to return and save us all?

I know very well that reality can be extremely harsh. Yesterday, I had a feeling of destiny and purpose in life. I haven’t had that feeling; since my first disaster (Mexico City 1985) after I had saved the lives of 40 people. One doug copp went to that Mexico City Earthquake and another returned. Now, I know why God caused me to survive my 911/WTC injuries. I can see it coming…

I will write specific practical things to help you and your family to minimize your suffering and to survive.

Update: March 14, 2020. pm . Problems and Practical Solutions:

1) Banks: Atm’s. Understand that I cannot recall a major disaster, over the last 35 years, when the banks functioned. When shutdowns come: The Banks are closed. The last place you will want to go is to an enclosed ATM space. It will be full of viruses. Typically, If you do not have cash then you need to trade your watch or something that people will want.

The Atm’s get drained of cash, almost immediately and they are not filled.

During the earthquake in Kobe, Japan. The only grocery store open had practically nothing left; however, he wanted $11.00 for a single potato (It was black and half-rotten.). There are good people: I walked a block away and a man came running towards me. His grocery store had collapsed; however, he saw our rescue uniforms and demanded that we allow him to give us supplies from an alley, next to his store. We reluctantly agreed and he loaded us up with 2 weeks supplies (no charge.) We gave most of it away to half-starving people.

Disasters, bring out the best and the worst of humanity. It is always the same.

Update: March 13, 2020. pm . Problems and Practical Solutions:

1) Problem: There are no masks available.

Solution: Use a silk scarf or even a nylon Canadian Flag. Cut it into strips (folded over to be double thickness.)

Understand that the virus is usually transmitted via the respiratory system of an infected person into the lungs of a non-infected person. The lungs emit microscopic water molecules into the air when you breathe. The virus cells attach to these water droplets to carry them thru the air. An uninfected person breathes in these water droplets and the virus comes with it. A scarf or piece of nylon can catch these water droplets on their outer surface and prevent them from getting into uninfected lungs.

2) Problem: There is no toilet paper available.

Solution: I have a bidet. I do not need toilet paper. You can still buy a ‘bidet’ accessory for less than $60.

3) Problem: One of the most primitive, ignorant and ‘medieval’ (and deeply offensive to me) procedures to destroy the virus is to use ‘alcohol’ or a chemical to kill the virus. This kills 1/10th to 1/100th of the actual virus in the environment.

Understand that the virus is extremely vulnerable.

How? The exterior surface of the virus is unlike a human cell. The cell wall of a human cell is partially protected by producing ‘peroxide’. If a normal human cell comes into contact with unstable oxygen molecules (less than 10% concentration), O3, or ozone. …there is no problem. The unstable oxygen molecule becomes stabilized by turning the ‘peroxide’ into harmless ‘peroxidase’.

Virus cell walls do not have ‘peroxide’ when the cell wall becomes exposed to unstable oxygen molecules. The natural stability takes place by the unstable oxygen molecule ‘smashing’ thru the cell wall of the virus and forming a neutral bond with the nucleus of the virus. The instant that this takes place the virus is destroyed and turned into harmless dead matter. This is one of the five processes that I use in my devices to create an immunological paradise, in my home.

Bottom Line: All viruses are destroyed, by the gases penetrating every nook and cranny of your home or OPERATING ROOM, without any negative side effects.

Update: March 13, 2020-am.. The Virus is completely out of control, throughout the USA. The mitigation efforts are working blind. They have no idea how to implement a solution because they have no idea where to concentrate any resources or efforts. Test kits are unavailable..even if you are willing to pay $1,400.00 for a can’t get one.

 Nobody knows how many people are ‘carriers’ or where they are. If this level of incompetence continues then millions will die. Personally, I think it has already spread to millions.


Immediately, Canada must shut down the USA Canadian Border for tourism. Later, It may be necessary to completely shut down the border as Americans flee to Canada for relative safety.

Trump’s efforts to prevent testing, to keep the “numbers low” has devastated the mitigation efforts to stop a pandemic that may eventually kill millions of victims. He has hampered mitigation efforts in the same way as putting a blind fold on a firefighter trying to put out a fire. Is there no limit? Canada needs to protect itself from the harsh reality that he has forced upon the USA.

This is a routine for me. Great uncertainty. Panic. Bullshit. Nonsense and incompetence, stupidity and unfortunately completely predictable (for me) responses from bureaucracies. I  have been telling friends precisely what will happen next…..since, the beginning..of this.

Question: Doug, what are you doing to prepare for the worst-case scenario? ( Prepare for the worst and everything else is easy.)

Answer: Nothing.

Question: Why/how/explain : Nothing.

Answer: I saw it coming and prepared..before anything was ever public.

Question: How could that be?

Answer: I created the mitigation plan in the Gujarat earthquake which saved 250,00o lives from the plague which was implemented by one of the most brilliant organizational genius’s in the world (He was the man in charge of managing 7 Ministries, in the Indian Government..Sanjay Gupta.)..another evidential/proveable detailed story..which you can verify at or I am the most experienced and successful disaster mitigation/rescue expert, in the world with 150 videos and 2,000 documents to substantiate…bureaucrats hate me…I am real. I have no time or interest in bullshit. They hate me until I save them. I have saved bureaucrats from being ‘ripped to shreds’ by mobs, for 30 years.

Question: How did you prepare?

Answer: Check out my previous posts..

  1. I created an immunological paradise. I have 3 machines, of my own creation which destroy all bacteria, virus and toxins, in my home. They are on timers to keep my home pure. Nobody gets or has gotten the flu or a cold, in my home for 2 years.
  2. I have 3 freezers with food. I have 2 rooms filled with dry and canned goods for 6 months.
  3. I have multiple sources of heating and energy with back up systems.
  4. I have different currencies. I have ‘silver’ plain, silver coins (hard to counterfeit of US and Canadian origin).
  5. I have medications, supplies and capabilities to make my own, in my own lab for a year.
  6. etc..more..

Question: What is going to happen next?

  1. The governments will lie. They will tell you that they are prepared for everything. Reality: They are prepared for practically nothing.
  2. The virus should last the ‘normal’ virus cycle of 1 to 3 years.
  3. The shit has hit the fan. It doesn’t look good.
  4. When Government Officials realize…REALITY. They will freak out and panic.
  5. The USA is headed for a gigantic catastrophe. Trump will CONTINUE his plan to pretend that it is ALL fake news…lie his head nothing..let the virus spread..and then tell his idiotic supporters that it is NOT happening. Result: Canada is much better off than many countries…but it needs to shut the ‘tourism’ border with the USA.
  6. etc..etc..etc..more..

Question: What should Canada do?

There is a list of 40 things that I can think of ….off the top of my head..

Question: How bad is it?

Answer: Beyond the imagination. More than 1.5 million people have died at the disasters that I have saved lives at. This has the potential to greatly exceed the 50 million who died from the Spanish Flu.

Question: What is the most important mitigating factor to prevent his from turning into a plague that kills many millions of people?

Answer: Other than Divine Intervention which makes the virus disappear…The Government needs to ‘get real’.

Let me end by saying that I have risked my life more than 2,000 times, at more than 100 major disaster events. I am a humanitarian. If I told you how many lives that I have either directly saved or was a necessary condition in the determination of their would seem to be the biggest lie in the world…I find it incredible to believe and I am the one who did it.

I have never charged a single cent for the thousands of lives that I have saved. I am a humanitarian. I want nothing, I try to do ‘the right thing’. I prayed every time before I crawled inside of 892 collapsed buildings with a US Government (OSHA) statistical 60% chance of my own death. I didn’t pray for me. I didn’t ask God to protect me. I asked God to help me save lives and that I was willing to die, if necessary.


I am different..but I sure as Hell am real.

If anybody has any questions..or any member of any Government Agency wants to get a dose of practical reality to mitigate this potential…’ Armageddon’ ..No charge. I will give precise, detailed, practical, reality-based solutions that will maximize survivability and reduce suffering. Plain and simple.

Doug Copp from the front page of the Alameda Journal, San Francisco Bay. Doug appeared in hundreds of articles, in Bay Area newspapers. Doug’s inventions were showpieced, in the San Jose Museum of Technology. You can watch video of doug crawling into the collapsed Nimitz Freeway, during the 1989 earthquake by going to the video area at Bill O’reilly interviewed Doug Copp; as well as, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and many other programs. You can, also, watch the videos of Doug crawling inside the collapsed structures.

Maximize the good. Minimize the bad. Reality can be harsh. It doesn’t have much sympathy for people who don’t pay attention.

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The World’s Most Experienced Rescuer Offers to Recover the Body Dangling From The Hard Rock Hotel Collapse-New Orleans

An open letter to the Mayor of New Orleans, The Fire Chief, local Officials, The Hard Rock Hotel Corporation, The Construction Company, the involved Insurance Companies and most importantly the families of the victims.

I just became aware that a dead body has been dangling, with feet sticking out from, an upper floor of the Hard Rock Hotel, in New Orleans. This has been a visual gruesome nightmare for the last 3 months. Obviously, nobody or any organization has the skill to recover this victim of a construction collapse or it would have been done, by now. A tarp had been lowered to cover the body from public view. The wind shifted the tarp and the dead body came into public view. This created a public relations horror story for New Orleans prior to Mardi Gras.

From my experience, I know exactly what to do.

I have searched 896 collapsed buildings most of them far more dangerous than this; because of continuing aftershocks. Aftershocks further collapsed 3 buildings while I was inside of them. I assure you that this was frightening. It felt like, adrenaline was squirting out of my ears. I did survive because I knew what to do, to avoid being crushed.

In context according to OSHA (Dept of Occupational Safety and Health Administration USA) statistically, 60% of ‘rescuers’ are killed every time one of them tries to enter a collapsed building. So, I have been skillful enough to do something 896 times with a 60% probability of death. I was told by a VP of Underwriting that my premium would be $940. per $1,000 of coverage because I had already approached the actuarial certitude of death (1989).

At least 100 of those buildings that I have searched were more complicated than the Hard Rock Hotel collapse.

From my experience, I know exactly what to do.

Let me correct several misleading and wrong public comments about this scenario. Proposals to use a helicopter would be a mistake. Helicopters have a restricted altitude of 1,000 ft above a collapsed building. This is due to the downwash force from the blades causing a further collapse in a damaged building.

Airbags to lift the concrete were suggested. Airbags are clumsy, crude and imprecise. They are not suitable for a collapsed building which requires precise control.

Using a jlift, crane or ladder truck is probably too short to reach the height necessary.

Rappelling down the side of the building over the rubble is a possibility. It will be dangerous because it is not possible to descend directly above the victim.

The first choice is to enter the collapse from the undamaged area and tunnel to the victim. If the search route is blocked by concrete then it will be necessary to cut an access route through the concrete without causing vibration. Normal concrete cutting tools will be unusable, pneumatic tools will cause further collapse.

In 1986 it was necessary at a collapsed building in Greece, for us to improvise. We used an Oxy-Acetaline setup with a 10 ft long galvanized pipe to blast a cutting flame out the end of the pipe. The effect was that the concentrated heat caused the moisture inside of the concrete to turn into vapor. The concrete under the torch popped off like popcorn. This resulted in an ability to cut an entry hole through concrete without causing vibration and allowed for precise cutting.

Understand that a ‘complete’ body will not be recovered. My experience is that dead bodies do not remain intact for long. Rats are drawn by the scent. I would plan to place the remains in a body bag for obvious reasons.

For 35 years, I have worked at more than 100 major disasters. I have more than 1,000 thankyou letters and awards from Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty and others throughout the world.

At every single disaster, I worked as an unpaid volunteer. I do not want any financial gain. I pray to God before I go inside of any collapsed building. I would not dare to do it for money. I do not want to be paid for this mission.

My Health issues: I was severely injured at 911. I was first hospitalized on Sept 27, 2001. I have been severely and chronically ill every single day since. Enough poison toxified my body for 510 people to be legally certified as lead poisoned. Thousands of toxins; including 35 neural toxins at levels up to 5,000 times the ‘normal’ safe limit were found in my bloodstream.

Now, my intellectual capabilities, my general health have improved to the point that I can do this. Nobody knows as much about collapsed buildings as me.

A team of neural specialists has determined that my neural toxicity/degeneration will leave me completely paralyzed. They informed me that there is nothing that can be done to prevent this. I have had some success, using my own research at slowing down the progressive paralysis; however, my extremities are becoming numb.

Now, is the time. Perhaps, this will be my last mission.

Finally regarding demolition: I worked throughout North America doing the most complicated and sometimes ‘impossible’ jobs with a creative flair. It was reported that the Hard Rock Hotel Corporation/ Construction Company wanted to use a ‘regular’/slow /conventional demolition method.

The Mayor is under tremendous political pressure to recover the victim. Mardi Gras brings $400 million/yr to NOLA. It was reported that she is choosing a ‘controlled’ demolition method. In other words ‘imploding’. Normally, imploding a building requires using jackhammers to remove the concrete from concrete-encased steel columns. Then all of the exposed steel beams have ‘shape charges’attached (when ignited they give off enough heat to cut the steel that they are strapped onto.) Finally, all of the columns are tied together with steel cables. The shaped charges are ignited in the desired pattern to allow a ‘domino effect’ to take place pulling the building in any downward direction required.

Using a completely ‘controlled demolition’ method would endanger the lives of all the workers on site. The vibration would cause unwanted and unpredictable collapse during the preparation process. I recommend a combination of both methods. Use a controlled demolition process in the least damaged areas and normal demolition in the collapse area.

I will forward this offer to the appropriate persons. I am in New Orleans. I planned to stay a short time; however, I will stay longer if necessary.

I understand the legal issues, the numerous lawsuits, the ‘politics’, the bureaucracy and a litany of other problems that prevent us from doing the right thing. This is the USA.

Finally, I will sign a ‘hold harmless’ agreement drawn up by the lawyers of the involved parties. If I should be injured or killed then neither myself, nor my heirs will receive any compensation, of any kind, whatsoever.

I  do have a requirement: I demand that I am in complete charge inside of the collapsed building. If anyone else makes a mistake then they will kill everyone. I know what I am doing. My instructions will be followed precisely. If anyone else comes inside then they will do as I do, walk where I walk and go where I go. They will follow my precise footsteps.


Doug Copp


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“Christmas and New Year Rescue Humor. The Connections Between Whiskey, Cognac and Locating Dead Bodies or Will You Ever Drink Champagne Again?” Christmas and New Year Rescue Humor.

The Connections between Whiskey, Cognac and Locating Dead Bodies or Will You Ever Drink Champagne Again?

To all my friends I wish a Happy and Wonderful New Year.

Update: My health is very much better due to 10 different liposomal medicinal formulas of my own creation. I have lost 40 lbs., My waist is 31 inches and I have delayed if not stopped the medical prognosis from 2 different groups of medical specialists who had said that the progressive degeneration of my neurological system caused by 32 different neuro-toxins at the World Trade Center; would result in complete paralysis and blindness.

We will see if my formulas have ‘cured’ or merely ‘temporarily stopped’ this medical prognosis. Time will tell.

I am changing my life: I have decided to ‘downsize’ my life. I plan to divest myself of most material things and devote my life to helping orphans and other helpless, worthy people. I am too sick, too old, too beat up and too exhausted to go back to the demands of major disaster search and rescue. I can’t crawl through collapsed buildings anymore; but, I can do what I can do.

I will be putting up a new post; as soon as, I get the 100 pix from India of the 120 orphan girls that I used my own ‘Christmas Present’, to send to a zoo with a picnic. The joy of the faces of these little girls and the little bit of hope it brought them makes me happier than any material present; could possibly do. It made me feel God’s warmth inside of my soul.

I think all the children will become inspired and have hope if we help this little girl fix her teeth.

a group of friends inside the zoo.

The girl in the front has deformed teeth. I plan to pay for her to have a dentist fix her problem.

Having fun at the zoo.

2 of the girls outside of the zoo entrance












Follow this link, to my facebook page, to help pay for the surgery to fix, this orphan girl’s teeth:

You must not only be good. You must try to be wise. I hope and pray for ‘wisdom’ to do more good things with my life.

I find the following post amusing and have made a tradition of reposting every year. The earthquake in Mexico City caused me to have the worst autoimmune system attack; since my initial exposure at the World Trade Center. Two weeks of daily anti-biotic intravenous treatments saved me. I expect that another few months of medical treatment will stabilize me back to my medical condition prior to the Mexico City Earthquake. I look forward to a wonderful year filled with purpose and satisfaction.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I had to make my own. I have severe allergic-ìmmune system responses, to a multitude of toxins; that my body ingested; while searching, under the 911 rubble. I have respiratory attacks, immune system attacks, cerebral edema attacks, digestive system attacks, toxic glaucoma events, and neurological attacks

I must be keenly aware of everything that my body comes into contact with. This has lead me to make my own wine, beer and spirits that contain no toxins (preservatives).

Some basic principles of life were used, by me, to create several of my inventions. I learned, a long time ago; that ALL creatures, from an elephant to a human, to a bacteria or a yeast have common requirements, to exist.

All creatures must eat. They must eat in order to obtain energy for life. As a result of eating, all creatures create by-products, from the process of eating. These by-products are gaseous, liquid and solid in form. In humans, we refer to these by-products as farts, urine and feces. Yeast and bacteria do the same thing.

When yeast eat sugar they give off gases (think of champagne bubbles as farts), they give off liquid (alcohol is yeast urine ) and they give off solids (the solids in the bottom of a carboy, of wine, before bottling is actually yeast feces).

Whiskey is the mixture of yeast, water and sugar. After the yeast have eaten all the sugar then the urine is distilled out and placed in a ‘burned’ oak barrel to absorb the flavorings and color of the burned wood.

Cognac is the collected urine of yeast eating the sugars in grape juice. Then this yeast urine is distilled out, placed in a burned oak barrel, for flavoring and colors.

Different types of sugars make different tastes of yeast urine.

My Copp Casualty locator was used at the World Trade center and many other disasters, to detect ‘farts,’ produced by human flesh-eating bacteria. The device tested the gases, rising from the rubble and located the point of exit of the flesh-eating bacteria farts.

When you think about it…… farts, urine and feces, from bacteria and yeast have made a huge impact in out world.

So when you have a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve you might have a ‘giggle’ thinking about ‘high society’ socialites, in their elegant gowns, drinking yeast urine and their bubbly farts. If they only thought about it.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and enjoy your glass of ‘bubbly’.

Yeast urine and flatulence make for a Merry Time with humans.

Yeast urine and flatulence make for a Merry Time with humans.

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‘Duck and Cover’ Kills More People, in India. Repost from April 2013.


Duck and Cover kills more people, in India, Building Collapse.

There was a collapse of an illegally constructed building in Mumbai; which collapsed killing 62 people.

Most importantly read the rest of this article/blog post and the ‘triangle of life blogs and videos, on this blogsite and at, to learn how they could have survived with ‘the triangle of life’:

Duck and Cover kills more people, in India, Building Collapse.
In a message dated 4/7/2013 1:39:08 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
Post at Emergency Management Linkedin Site :
Building Collapse , in Mumbai, India kills 62, today’s date ..illegal structure.
Doug CoppSome people may not be aware that this is a common problem, in many great cities. Lima has a section of hundreds of thousands of buildings being constructed illegally, Istanbul the same . The government puts in streets, lights etc later but doesn’t remove or give title to the hundreds of thousands of illegal constructors. I have spent a lot of time around and in these places.Mumbai is similar but it even has illegal skyscrapers. After the Gujarat Earthquake (100,000 dead) I was invited to a Penthouse Party, in a skyscraper. I asked the billionaire owner why the 50 story building, next to us, had all the lights turned off. He told me that it was shut down. For political reasons and financial revenge the owner was allowed to complete the construction of the skyscraper; but he was never allowed to occupy it. It was left as a symbol, of the power, of the individual who shut him down.FYI buildings collapse, in Istanbul, almost on a daily basis. Mumbai and Lima less so.
Comment 2:
The billionaire invited me to his Penthouse Party for drinks and talks because I was a ’cause celebre’, throughout India. The above youtube link is one of a hundred youtube videos of my saving lives around the world.(amerrescue and amerrescuegmail channels). The video was a thank you gift form the ancestral ‘ruler’ of the Gujarat Earthquake Region, Maharajaha Pragmalji !!!. He is seen on the grounds of one of his 7  Palaces (The one that I was his guest at). He thanks me for saving his people’s lives, reducing suffering and calming his nerves.
Tha Maharakah wrote a letter to Doug Copp, thanking him.

Tha Maharakah wrote a letter to Doug Copp, thanking him.

My friend, The Maharajah was a good friend of the billionaire. The people, at the party, had; also, seen me on Indian TV, a Government of India TV Program, the Front Page of The Times of India (10 million circulation per day) and the Daily Mumbai paper Front Page These newspapers and others concerning my work, in India, can be read at: and

Doug Copp, Front Page Times of India (circulation 10 million per day.)

Doug Copp, Front Page Times of India (circulation 10 million per day.)

Doug Copp Front Page Mumbai Daily Leading Paper

Doug Copp Front Page Mumbai Daily Leading Paper

The Indian Government was very grateful to me for creating the mitigation plan that reduced the Ministry of Health’s estimate of 250,000 deaths due to a plague 0 (Zero). The death of 100,000 people during the earthquake was expected to be minor to the loss of life from subsequent events.

FYI, 100,000 people died in Western style buildings and none died in the traditional, rural Indian Structure. There are a few pictures of me crawling inside of these Western Style Structures and some squashed bodies, at my website.

Unfortunately the ‘triangle of life’ had not yet spread throughout India or most of those people would have survived.

The following was copied from,the home page, of my website, The Business and Economy Magazine Article (Premier Business Magazine of India) describes ‘Duck and cover’ as ‘passe’:

*Read the Business Journal Magazine Article*

*or go directly to the Business and Economy Magazine website*





“Techniques like drop, cover and hold-on are passé. “Duck and cover results in a 98% death rate when buildings collapse. The only people who survive are those who do the ‘triangle of life’. This is either intentionally or as a result of panicking, fleeing, being knocked to the floor and somehow finding themselves in a survivable void. If the masses followed the ‘triangle of life’, there would be a major shift from death to survivability, in earthquakes,” says Doug Copp, Professor of Disaster Mitigation at the International Institute of Disaster Reduction Institute.”


Ravi Inder Singh Correspondent—FEATURES Business & Economy, 4P’s Business and Marketing, and The Sunday Indian (TSI)


Comments from the ‘experts’:

On the post,  Luke Dam,  an emergency management ‘personality’; responded, with the usual personal attack, never bothering to watch the video, from the Maharajah or read the Indian Newspaper articles in which I appeared. Oblivious of any reality.

As always, they fight reason, intelligence and facts by ‘sticking out their tongue’. The brains of an idiot, the face of a pig and a complete total disregard for human life. The morality of a cigarette company executive. They rely completely upon each other as ‘experts’, instead of experience, knowledge and facts.

“The trough will; always be busy, so long as, the trough is full.”

It is a wonderful thing that The Triangle of Life’ continues to spread, all over the world; in-spite of,  ‘the greedy little piggies’.

The World's Most Important Safety Device. It has saved an entire school of children for less than $50-$90. It gives you enough warning, before *YOU FEEL*the destructive earthquake waves, to save your life. It really works! and it is fabulous!

The World’s Most Important Safety Device. It has saved an entire school of children for less than $50-$90. It gives you enough warning, before *YOU FEEL*the destructive earthquake waves, to save your life. It really works! and it is fabulous!

A Sampling of some ‘Triangle of life’ toys, brochures, school desks, developments from, around the world:

Triangle of Life Cut -out toys for South American children.

Triangle of Life Cut -out toys for South American children.

This 't of l desk was purchased by the Ministry of Education, in mainland China, for 'elite' schools.

This ‘t of l desk was purchased by the Ministry of Education, in mainland China, for ‘elite’ schools.

Triangle of Life// Survivable Void Brocure; as well as, additional Copp Victim response procedural information given to more than 1 million Turkish School Children.

Triangle of Life// Survivable Void Brocure; as well as, additional Copp Victim response procedural information given to more than 1 million Turkish School Children.

Triangle of Life section of 9 page public safety brochure

Russia :Triangle of Life section of 9 page public safety brochure

Russia :Triangle of Life section of 9 page public safety brochure


1) Tugba Atun , Doug Copp and AKUT saving her life. She survived in a triangle of life.Her bother was squashed under the kitchen table.

1) Tugba Atun , Doug Copp and AKUT saving her life. She survived in a triangle of life.Her bother was squashed under the kitchen table.

Doug in one of the 896 collapsed buildings that he searched. This is the collapsed train station. Kobe, Japan, Earthquake

Doug in one of the 896 collapsed buildings that he searched. This is the collapsed train station. Kobe, Japan, Earthquake

doug copp

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Sept 12 is the day I was supposed to die in 2001. I am still alive, love God and do good things..

For every good thing that you do evil will oppose you For every good thing that you do God will love you. I will give eveything!

I love creating and inventing things but nothing is finer/more saisfactory than pure non brainwashed thought . Do good..make the world a better place.

A simple choice for everyone.

doug copp

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Wonderful News. The Impossible has happened. I can live again.

Wonderful News. I have been celebrating; since last Friday. The “impossible” has happened.

Background: At one point, I had 47 simultaneous medical problems. 911 toxins had caused me to become a ‘vegetable’. I couldn’t speak my own name. “My health” has been an endurance test. I have been very sick, everyday for 18 years. The focus on the last 2 years has been to prevent my diagnosis of complete paralysis. The last 3 months has been a mad rush for me to create a solution to prevent my imminent blindness. Every night going to sleep I would wonder if I would wake up blind. I have taken personal responsibility for solving my medical problems.

Finally, snapshots from the ABC Prime Time Network Special, World’s Deadliest Earthquakes, Tugba Altun, a little girl who was buried alive and I was able to save her.

Three months ago, My Ophthalmologist told me that the damage to my optic nerves was “advanced and only 40% of it’s function remained”. I was told: ” You should be blind, now. You will go to sleep and wake up completely blind. Nothing can be done.”

On Friday, I finished a battery of tests, measurements and photographs of my eye function. The tests indicated that my left eye has become ” Normal” and My right eye has become, improved, stable; but still damaged.

God is behind every good thing and I am grateful. My analysis of my solution to restoring my optic nerve function was to incorporate a multi-matrix solution of my own creation. The primary focus was on restoring the myelin sheath surrounding my optic nerve. My analysis indicated that the 911 toxins that saturated my body at astronomical numbers had, over time, degraded the myelin sheath (The myelin sheath are molecules that provide ‘bio-electrical resistance to the neural pathways. This allows the signal from the eye to reach the brain via the optic nerve without dissipation or corruption.).

I have an array of applied methodology, treatment and processes that are restoring my myelin sheath for my optic nerve and my neural pathways; throughout my body. This protocol is of my own creation, design and production.

My life has changed. A tremendous burden has been lifted from me. My Doctors had universally told me:” Nothing can be done. Nerve cells cannot be restored.” This was an incorrect analysis. When I go to my next battery of eye exams; I anticipate a complete recovery.

Now, that my medical solutions appear to be preventing me from complete blindness and paralysis as my Doctors had universally diagnosed my prognosis; I plan to return to my humanitarian Life’s work. I plan to make collaborations with various religious leaders throughout the world to prevent loss of life, in a major disaster, for their institutions and their communities. I plan to return to my prior humanitarian way of life.

The simple solution was a simple electrical problem. The bio-electrical problem was a simple electrical problem of faulty insulation. I found several ways to rapidly repair, restore, rejuvenate, reactivate and achieve full functionality of the molecules which combine to compose the myelin sheath. I am rigorously applying this process. I expect to prevent my diagnosed blindness and paralysis from ever taking place. I am having success with several other medical problems caused by 911 toxic exposure. My medicinal formulas delivered via a liposomal transportation delivery system is positively affecting my health in many ways. I have less pain and suffering, fewer side effects, fewer negative symptoms and am feeling healthier almost every day.

Everybody dies. It is how you live your life, that counts. Time will tell how long my treatments will endure or whether a ‘complete recovery’ is in my future. I have, half jokingly, told several of my Doctors that “my objective is to recover my health before I die.”.

Thank God!

I plan to ‘give away free’ all of my formulas, processes, procedures, treatments and inventions of all kinds. I will publish ‘everything’. I want no money for helping people or saving lives. I will only be grateful for the pleasure of doing good.

Under 911 was Hell. I hope our world can be saved

1) Tugba Atun , Doug Copp and AKUT saving her life. She survived in a triangle of life.Her bother was squashed under the kitchen table.

Fighting for children’s lives against, self-interest, greed, and shareholder profit.

Doug Copp searching one of the 896 collapsed buildings which have proven the validity of the ‘triangle of life’, to him.

think about it.

Doug Copp, before he found a small hole, in a 911 pit, and began to crawl 6 levels deep, searching every ‘nook and cranny’ under 911.

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Still Saving Lives. Engineering Institutes Teaching the Triangle of Life by Doug Copp

Doug Copp’s “The Triangle of Life”

Rabinder Shekher &
Parul Sharma
Life is precious and it is thus foremost responsibility of everyone to protect his/her life. We must understand that life has no retake and as such there must be left with no option to try for the retake. Sir Isaac Newton once said that every day we build many walls for ourselves but are very conservative in having enough bridges. But in my opinion we are very rude in building good walls even. A number of lives are lost every year in manmade structured walls (Houses/Tall structures).We have been witnessing earthquakes and a large number of precious lives are lost now and then. It is not the earthquakes that are killing the masses about the structures constructed and designed by the engineers which don’t withstand the jerks and jolts of earthquakes and collapse and subsequently kill the people.
An earthquake is a sudden tremor or movement of earth’s crust, which originates naturally or below the surface. The word natural is very important here, since it excludes shock waves caused by nuclear tests, manmade explosions and landslides caused by the building work. An earthquake can be linked to the effect observed when a stone is thrown into water pond. After the stone hits the water surface, a series of concentric waves will move outwards from the centre. The same phenomenon happens in an earthquake. There is a sudden movement within the crust or mantle, and concentric shock waves move out from the point. Geologists and geographers call the origin of the earthquake the focus. Since this is often deep below the surface, difficult to map, the location of the earthquake is often referred to as the point on the earth directly above the focus called Epicentre.
The earthquake produces three types of waves which have their own distinct characteristics and can only move through certain layers within the Earth. The strength, or magnitude, of the shockwaves determines the extent of the damage caused. Two main scales exist for defining the strength, the Meracalli Scale and the Richter scale. The latest earthquake of April, 2015 Nepal earthquake killed more than 88oo people and injured more than 23000. It occurred on 25th of April, with a magnitude of 7.8 on Richter scale. Its epicenter was east of district of Lamjung, and is hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 15 Km. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal- Bihar earthquake. The J&K earthquake of 2005 and many more have made people to tremble with the word Earthquake.
The interesting thing about safety from earthquake is that once taught/demonstrated methods about hiding under a table or standing in a doorway or simply ‘ ducks and covers’ when buildings collapse are crushed to death and people who get under objects like desks or cars are also crushed. This is an Eye Opener for the engineers in particular and the public in general today. Mr. Doug Copp., a rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of American Rescue Team International, the world’s most experienced rescue team has demonstrated the methods of saving the human life by way of different easy and simple tips. He has written an article on earth quakes and titled it “The Triangle of Life”. According to him, he has crawled inside 875 collapsed buildings, worked with rescue teams from 60 countries and have worked at every major disaster in world since 1985, except for simultaneous disasters. In Mexico City during 1985 earthquake, every child in a school was under its desk and every child was crushed to the thickness of their bones. They were probably given demonstrations for the safety against the earthquakes by the authorities but they could have survived by lying down next to their desks in the aisles, A Triangle of Life. Simply, when a structure collapse, the weight of slab, beam etc falling upon the objects or furniture inside crushes these objects, leaving a space or void or A triangle  next to them. This space or Triangle becomes life saving space. These spaces are everywhere. The less the object compacts, the larger the void, the greater the probability that the person who is this void for safety will not be injured. The next time when you watch collapsed buildings on the television, count the triangles, you see formed. It is the most common shape, you will see, in a collapsed structure. All these spaces are life saving.
Mind, next time when there is an earthquake, don’t duck and cover yourself under the object but just lay down by the object. Lets lean from CATS and DOGS and Babies who often curl up in the fatal position. We should too in an earthquake. Its natural safety instinct. We can survive in a smaller void, hence GET NEXT TO whatever is hard. If you are on the bed and the earthquake happens during night, just roll off the bed, a safe triangle will exist around the bed and not under the bed. If earthquake happen and you don’t get time to come out of building, just curl up and lie down next to sofa, chair or column. Never go to stairs, they have different ‘moment of frequency’ and are separated from the main building. Don’t venture inside the lift, it could land in crash. It is always advisable to get near to the outer walls of the buildings or outside of them if possible. People inside their cars are crushed when flyover above falls over their cars, so get out of your car and lie down aside the car, again the triangle will save you. Copp. has discovered while crawling inside the collapsed news paper offices and other offices with lot of papers that the papers don’t compact. Large voids are found surrounding stacks of paper. Large lives were found saved. Doug Copp’s theory seems working and so we must work on such practical experiences and develop SOP to identify intervention strategy in a considered way.
We have to learn from our failures. So we must understand our lessons from the earthquakes of India and Napal. We have to revisit our short term, middle term and long term strategy and our preparedness to ensure minimum damage to life, infrastructure and property. We need to take stock of our buildings, infrastructures, and other assets in an organized way and identify weak links. We will have to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) to identify intervention strategy in a consolidated way. Broadly we must have to work on STS, MTS and LTS.
Short term strategy (STS): We need to communicate the masses in target areas initially in Zone IV & V and explain to them the need to stick to the norms of standard construction of earth quake resistant designs. People at large construct the houses with load bearing walls for their residential purposes, Detailed and exhaustive literature is now available for such construction and is uploaded on internet and EERI, earthquake advising sites.. They need to be read and followed meticulously for such constructions.
Middle Term Strategy (MTS): We need to have a look at the capacity to teach civil engineering at graduate level with quality input and in all probability it would need augmentation. Building bye-laws are to be modified as per the provisions of National Building Codes (NBC-2005). Engineers are to made accountable and as such Engineers bill is to be put on fast track and piloted in the parliament and get it through so that the structures be made by consulting the structural engineers. Ministry of Skill development should pay a pivotal role in imparting skill to labours and other workers for the safe construction of buildings.
Long Term Strategy (LTS):  The research institutes have to look into contemporary work in the field of earth quake engineering in countries like Japan, America and other countries and catch up from that point elevate the level of Phd. Level in IITs and NITs so that the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) get adequate input in next few years to generate standards incorporating latest technology for adopting in construction and project management.
Further Research:  Base isolation is one of the most popular means of protecting a structure against earth quake forces. It is a collection of structural elements which should substantially decouple a superstructure from its substructure resting on a shaking ground, thus protecting a building or structure’s integrity. Base isolation has potential to become one of the most powerful tools of earthquake engineering pertaining to the passive structural vibration control technologies.
These strategies have to be developed and the governments should work vigorously on these concepts but till then a well quote by Stephen Gardiner be remembered “Good Buildings come from Good people and all problems are solved by Good designs”.
(The authors are   member of National Institute Centre of Earthquake Engineering (india) and  (Computer Science Engineer)

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