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Understanding Earthquakes from a Peruvian Perspective

HOME EARTHQUAKES EARTHQUAKES IN LIMA Search Earthquakes in Lima, Peru Overview of content (Below is the text. The original link above has many photographs and text.) Earthquakes are among the most powerful and terrifying events on earth. Unfortunately for thousands … Continue reading

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The History of Duck and Cover from a 22nd Century Perspective

Written from the perspective of a 22nd Century, American School Teacher teaching social history, of the USA; during the 20th and 21st Centuries. The ‘Triangle of Life’ became connected with the Obama Heath Care Debate. The tragedy of ‘duck and … Continue reading

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Triangle of Life, NZ Radio interview with Doug Copp

January 2011 Monthly Archive January 13, 2011 Doug Copp on Voices from the North: Being Safe In and After an Earthquake Posted by johnhaines under My Blogs, My Radio Shows | Tags: duck and cover, earthquake survival, staying safe in … Continue reading

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US Military Lied about Haiti Resulting in Death and Suffering

The One Year Anniversary of the Depths of Hell Exploding on to the Surface of the Earth. The following text is from the ARTI website Doug Copp was interviewed by TV, radio and newspaper media throughout all of Latin America, … Continue reading

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Doug Copp in Time Magazine. United Nations Sends Triangle to Latin America

Below is the text of The Desert Valley Star article. You can go to the site and see the actual article with pictures/graphics as actually published. You Can Survive Send This Article By Email | Print Article – Text Only … Continue reading

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Doug Copp Appears on New Zealand Radio

Below is the 4 minute, advertising promotion for the 1 hr New Zealand Radio Program/interview with Doug Copp concerning his life, the origins of ‘duck and cover’; as a propaganda commercial, created under contract with the Pentagon; during the height … Continue reading

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The Triangle of Life Continues Spreading Around the World

Prelude: Look at the other more recent Blog ARTICLES, for updates, to see that The T of L is unstoppable; including, the Life Saving Project, in Turkey, which has provided 1 million t of l brochures and training, to date, … Continue reading

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