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Doug is the founder of ARTI , American Rescue Team International ( the world’s most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the ‘triangle of life’ to take building collapse survivability from 2% using ‘duck and cover’ to 90% using the ‘triangle of life’
ARTI is composed of All Unpaid Volunteers willing to stand up to and fight USA insurance companies and bureaucrats who consider it cheaper and less trouble if victims die; as a result of, ‘duck and cover’; rather than, survive via the ‘triangle of life’   with possible trauma and sue ( less profit for insurance companies and higher premiums for bureaucrats)

“Now, that my 911 injuries have made it impossible for me, to crawl into collapsed buildings, I thank God for allowing me to continue saving lives. I am willing to sacrifice my life, my health, my reputation and endure any attack, slander, burden or harm to fulfill this life purpose. PERIOD.

Go to www.amerrescue.org for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug’s searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million  collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire world…


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8 Responses to About

  1. Ernesto S. Andrade II says:

    hi, I am bimbo andrade i work for a major daily broadsheet here in our country, The Philippine STAR newspaper. i would like to inquire if we can get Mr. Doug Copp to speak in the Philippines? the topic will cover his expertise about disasters and the triangle of lfe.

    Many thanks,

    Bimbo Andrade
    The Philippine STAR Newspaper
    0918 9276796

  2. Doug I left you a message on your page on Earthchanges college

  3. Katlyn says:

    Dear Doug Copp,
    I don’t know if you read the comments on this, but I would really like to interview you for science fair. My email was put in the little box with this comment. Thanks so much for at Lear reading this,
    Sincerely, Katlyn

    • amerrescue says:

      sure..1-902-567-1227. I have been sick every day for more than 10 years but am sicker than usual..these last few days. I have cancelled appointments but will be staying home and will be available to speak with you.

  4. Sue Basko says:

    God bless you. I will try to call you tomorrow.

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  6. I read one of your Triangle articles. I live in a cement building on the Top Floor (3rd floor but garage is real first floor so effectively 4th floor) of a courtyard building in Hollywood surrounded by other apartment buildings. Should I just stay inside during an earthquake? The story said outside is better than inside but also said that stairs are a terrible idea. Are you suggesting taking the elevator to go outside? My building has been standing since the 1960s and I seem to feel earthquakes less than my friends in other buildings near by.

    • amerrescue says:

      Top floor is safe.after earthquake and fleeing people have stopped.use stairs if they have’t collapsed.elevator is first part of building to be damages.never use.

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