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Quake Alarm Wins Life Saving Award

Every individual, concerned with the effects of earthquakes needs to know about this breakthrough. Every public building and every school, in every earthquake prone country, of the entire world needs to be protected with this cheap, practical and effective life … Continue reading

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Lawsuit against New Zealand Government for wrongful death, in 2011 earthquake

I got a very nasty and uninformed email from someone who hadn’t read the blogs or visited http// to get the facts and determine the truth of what I say. He wrote: “How dare I push my a time … Continue reading

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Effective Earthquake Prediction

Below is an email that I received / with my response. It will surprise some who are more naive and less aware of seismological politics. ——————————————————————————- From: To:, Sent: 15/02/2011 10:03:46 P.M. Atlantic Standard Time Subj: Forecasting … Continue reading

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