Killing the Virus. Inside Your Home, at Work and in Your Body.

The Government can stop this pandemic virus and everything can return to normal in 2 weeks. Wear a mask. The virus is spread by breathing. Everybody infected who goes outside without a mask spreads the virus on everything. It can live for 3 days on things. If everybody wears a mask you won’t spread it or get it. Everybody who does NOT wear a mask, in public, is helping to spread the virus. Canada can stop this virus NOW. WEAR A MASK! Los Angeles passed the law: IN PUBLIC YOU MUST WEAR A MASK. This is so simple. Wear a mask and this virus will stop. It cannot live longer than 3 days unless it is inside of a human. If everyone wears a mask then it will die. After 2 weeks the virus will only be inside of hospitalized people. When they die or recover then the virus will be gone…into history.

‘Vaccines are only 1 of many ways to kill a virus. There are many ways to kill a virus. Just like there are many ways to kill a human. A Blood transfusion of O3 gas to kill the virus combined with water-soluble, liposomal Vitamin C and B12 (to boost the immune system without the possibility of an overdose) should ‘cure’ ICU patients; until a vaccine is discovered. Know that I have 7,000 pages of Medical Documentation from more than 90 MD’s and Medical Specialists from 5 countries who have treated me, for my 911 injuries. In other words, I can prove everything that I say and welcome the opportunity: furthermore, I want nothing but to save lives and help reduce suffering which is exactly what I have done for 35 years. I have 150 videos and 2,000 plus letters of gratitude from world leaders proving the same. Pass this doc to anybody who can get it to Bill Gates or someone else who has the ability to break the backbone of intransigent bureaucracy…to get the job done.

Bill Gates has funded 1 billion dollars to create a vaccine. I will write to him and his organization and offer this solution to him, at no charge and no remuneration for myself. We will see how effective and smart he and his organization are. Follow the link below to see:

At my Youtube channel there are 30 new videos of me saving lives, crawling inside of collapsed buildings. Major Network Prime Time TV programs, broadcast around the world, featuring me telling people how to survive various disasters etc. A volunteer is putting them up. There are 150 videos in total. The deal that I made with the networks is that I would own the footage after they broadcast the original program.

By the way, I have a machine which I have been using to remove 911/WTC toxins suspended in my bloodstream, for the last 12 years. It, also, kills the virus in my bloodstream.

Background: I absorbed enough toxins into my bloodstream at 911 to immediately kill 250 people. I had enough lead for 510 people to be legally declared as ‘lead poisoned’, 32 neural toxins up to 5,000 x the ‘safe limit’. The entire list that was found in my blood is 35 pages long.

O3, also, kills virus. I sterilize my home, with my technologies. I have some students staying with me (27 room home) nobody has had a cold or the flu for 4 years.

A virus is a ‘living thing’ Like ALL living things it is vulnerable to many life-ending threats. ‘Vaccines’ can be patented to make billions of dollars for pharmaceutical corporations. People want to survive. People want solutions. Pharmaceutical Companies are not in business to save lives, cure disease or humanitarian causes. They maximize profit for their shareholders. Anybody or any technology that can ‘cure’ (no more medicine needed and no more profit) is an existential threat to their shareholder return/dividend/profit. This is our current reality.

The simplest, safest and smartest way, to kill the virus, is not the pharmaceutical method. The easiest way to destroy a virus, in body or exterior to the body is to burst the cell wall (capsid) of the virus via an unstable oxygen molecule. It is simple, safe and it works.

Understanding the relevant science:

“Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa: O3 therapy disrupts the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. In fungi, O3 inhibits cell growth at certain stages. With viruses, the O3 damages the viral capsid and upsets the reproductive cycle by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation. The weak enzyme coatings on cells which make them vulnerable to invasion by viruses make them susceptible to oxidation and elimination from the body, which then replaces them with healthy cells.”

I have been doing it for 12 years and have 4 types of devices for various purposes:
1) I remove toxins suspended in the air of my home,
2)… sterilizing the water in my hot tub,
3) …destroying fungus in the walls of my 115-year-old home,
4) …a portable device that I wear on an armband which allows me to go into allergic/toxic environments that would normally cause me to have respiratory failure followed by cardiac arrest, 5) …I infuse drinking water with O3 to not only purify the water but also, to ‘purify my blood’.
6) I insufflation bag 1 liter of 03 into my colon to enter my bloodstream, to kill viruses and bacteria.
7) I use another 03 device to make my car ‘smell like new’, to remove smells like burning oil on my engine and to kill the virus,
8)I built a giant machine that can output 2,000 g of 03 (like an atom bomb of 03 generators). I used that to kill termites in my New Orleans sailboat. It can purify an operating room in 2 minutes and purify a hockey rink sized area in a few minutes.
9) I created another 03 device which I used to treat several hundred children for skin disease, during an earthquake/flood in Venezuela many years ago. It had a manifold device by which I could treat 8 children simultaneously every 15 minutes. The children were in Tyvek suits with an air nipple.

10) I use it to remove the odor (The smell comes from bacteria gases resulting from their digestive process) from my shoes.
11) If I am in a hurry and have body sweat from only takes 5 seconds to make myself smell fresh.
12) After burning something on the stove. I use my device to remove the smoke and odor in minutes.
13) An infected/open wound; such as, an ingrown toenail or an infected wound is simple to treat without chemicals. You tape a plastic bag around the wound leaving a big bubble area. You fill the bag with 03 and a few minutes later the infection will be gone.
14) Smelly garbage pails; especially, the organic ones. I blast them with my machine for a few minutes and they smell refreshing.
15) After painting a room I turn on one of my machines and the paint odor goes away.
16) Sterilizing food and removing herbicides and pesticides. Place the food in the water. Pump 03 into the water and they will be purified.
17) I have a tiny device in my refrigerator which makes the food stay fresher 50% longer
18) When people or things enter my home I have another device in a vacuum cleaner which blows 03 (4 other technologies) air on the product or person to kill all viruses before they enter the house.                                                                                                                          19) In Canada, Germany and the USA, I have had blood removed from my body via a special transfusion machine or simply injecting a needle with a regular infusion bag into a vein..placing it at a lower level and let gravity fill the bag with blood. Then O3 Gas is injected into the blood to kill the virus, destroy bacteria and ‘particulate out’ suspended toxins. The bag is then lifted higher than the needle and the blood will return inside of the vein. I had this done 300 times. etc etc etc

I have many more uses, I have been using the concept to make creative improvements for 18 years. I have been using it inside of my body for 12 years.

If I get infected (although I am better protected against the virus than Fort Knox Gold Reserves are protected from thieves) my technology will cure me…”end of story”.

Nicholas Tesla arguably considered one of the most intelligent human beings, of all time, invented the first 03 generator 100 years ago to sterilize operating rooms. Hospitals still use ineffective sterilization with alcohol contact. Alcohol contact is ineffective because all of the operating room machines have ventilating compartments that host bacteria and cannot be physically reached unless disassembled.

Will somebody please explain to me why it takes people so long to ‘think’. Why are surgeons; undoubtedly educated and intelligent still driving ‘buggies’ in a time of space travel. Stupid, brainwashed, unthinking…I do not understand and cannot comprehend why they are still using such barbaric/ineffective/disastrous methods. No wonder why so many people get infections in Hospitals and the operating room.

Based upon my experience over the last 35 years with major disasters, I expect there will be some countries like Canada that will have several waves of virus and resulting ‘shutdowns’, over the next 2 to 3 years. Canada is making a few mistakes that will prolong the virus an extra year. Canada is doing excellent compared to most other countries; however, the ‘Health Department is the wrong type of person to mitigate a multi-dimensional problem, as this virus outbreak. They are only one part of the solution.

Some countries like the USA, it will continue for 5 years or more. The USA will be crushed by having the worst possible ‘crisis’ leader imaginable. In my 35 years of major disaster experience, I have never seen such an incompetent, chaotic and disastrous mitigation. No third world country has been so ineffective. No country has had so many resources nor used their resources so disastrously.

India will have the virus outbreaks for more than 100 years. India still has ‘plague’ outbreaks that were ended hundreds of years ago throughout most of the world. India will be a virus-dangerous place

At my Youtube channel, there are 30 new videos of me saving lives, crawling inside of collapsed buildings. Prime Time TV programs, broadcast around the world, featuring me telling people how to survive various disasters etc. A volunteer is putting them up. There are 150 videos in total.

4 th generation prototype of Environmental Purification Device.




to visit for the rest of all our lives.

About doug copp

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. International Disaster Reduction Institute Institute of International Disaster January 2010 – Present (3 years 10 months)worldwide The world's most experienced Rescuer/Disaster Mitigation Management Expert , crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings at 100+ disaster events during war, peace and revolution Plus a lifetime of High Adventure; including, an undercover cop. .At almost 3,000 serious life threatening events and the medical survival from enough toxins to kill 200+ people, I am probably the world's leading survivor, from death. Survival Scientist Linkedin Profile: Summary saving lives, reducing suffering. "You must not only be good. You must be wise and wise enough to know who is good." doug copp Sometimes it is NOT enough to do good things must be strong enough to endure the attack...that will follow; especially if you are trying to place children's lives ahead of USA Insurance Company Profits...crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings helped to give me the courage that it takes; especially, considering that I have been sick every single day; since 911. FYI: USA Insurance companies oppose my 'triangle of life' survival method; because, 90% of the children would survive; instead of 98% dead. This translates into//actuarial tables indicate, survivor's seeking compensation for trauma (physical or mental) with a net result of diminished shareholder return. The insurance Company Executives told us: ” We are in the business of maximizing shareholder return..NOT..saving lives.” The USA School Boards have been told by their Insurance Carriers that their policies would be terminated or the premium would become extreme..if the children are allowed to survive, following my method. I tried to learn: I am responsible for 'what I do' and for 'what I do NOT do'. I am responsible for 'MY actions'. I am not responsible for what other people do. I discovered: that people never regret 'doing the right thing'. They only regret 'doing the wrong thing'. A life devoid of 'something worth dying for', is a life, 'not worth living'. Do all the living you can; while you can. 650,000 people died, at the major disasters I worked at..I have seen things that you cannot imagine. For all the persecution, hatred, violence and disgusting behavior that I have endured; in fighting against, evil, greedy bastards who exploited the helpless and preyed upon people..I am glad that I always did 'the right thing'. I always stood up; many times, by myself; but never alone.. If you can't be YOURSELF then who can you be?
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  1. Can you please tell me what’s going on in this live ! ,and are we in the end for this live ?!! People did not thinking for humans

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