Earthquake Turkey, Oct 2011,The Triangle of Life has Saved Lives Today. More Survivors Using The Triangle of Life Continue To Be Rescued. 1 Million People Trained by Aksigorta Insurance Company / AKUT NOT to ‘Duck and Cover.’

The Triangle of Life' makes sense because it is REAL.

I have no objection to ‘duck and cover’, if buildings don’t collapse; however, the ‘reality’ is ; that USA Buildings do collapse. It is preferable to ‘risk’ a ‘bruise’, from the ‘triangle of life’; rather than, ‘risk’ being ‘SQUASHED”, from ‘duck and cover’.

The blog article has been revised. The previous blog article was absolutely true; however, it unleashed an avalanche, of attack, from financially vested interests, in ‘duck and cover’. Innocent people came under attack. The Following conditions and clarifications have resulted:

New Information has been added, other information has been clarified. AKUT continues to save lives by training millions of people, not to ‘duck and cover’. AKUT is a brave and courageous rescue organization. In character with the proud Turkish People; they speak for themselves and do things the Turkish way.

Doug Copp does NOT speak for AKUT. This blog is the sole responsibility of Doug Copp.
Understand that:
This Blog is NOT the Official Response of the American Rescue Team International
(Doug Copp is the Chief) or any other non-profit organization or rescue team which Doug Copp is a member of (There are many).

Think ‘Tobacco Companies’ fighting to keep profits. There was nothing they would not do to keep that gravy train flowing. It is virtually, the same with USA Insurance Companies wanting to maintain profits ..NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE.

You must understand that Billions of Dollars are at stake. USA Insurance Company profits, via insuring USA School Boards, is at stake; as are, the premiums that the School Boards pay the Insurance Companies.

Doug Copp has endured every attack, threat, slander that you can imagine even to the point of attacking his mother as a ‘$1 road whore’ and a bullet hole shot into his wife’s car. Organizations and websites that have supported the ‘triangle of life’ have been pressured. Some websites have been paid to slander the ‘triangle of life’.

All the attacks against the ‘Triangle of Life’ should be directed at Doug Copp, personally.

I ask everyone who discovers the truth about ‘the triangle of life’ to perpetuate it by emailing everyone you care about. This grass roots method will save lives. It will protect others from the backlash; that comes, from interfering with Corporate greed ‘gone berserk’.

Understand, that USA Insurance Companies have a long reach and want to preserve corporate profits by minimizing earthquake survivors. Survivors seek compensation from School Boards Insurance Policies. Dead victims cost nothing and require no costly and time consuming processing.

Again, this blog is NOT the Official Response of either AKUT (Turkey) or ARTI (American Rescue team International).

Furthermore, Doug Copp is not currently a member of AKUT. Doug’s membership badge was given to Doug, at the time that AKUT Badges were first received from the printer. This ocurred at AKUT’s birth as a rescue team, many years ago. Doug gave the leadership of AKUT, 6 ARTI Badges and he received an AKUT Badge. The expiration date of Doug Copp’s AKUT badge passed while he was ‘bedridden’, from his 911 injuries. There was no intention of breaking any Turkish Law.

We became aware that Turkish Law does not allow for a non Turkish citizen to be a member of AKUT.

The Turkish Brochure is seen on this page and links to the AKUT website Brochure are included. The Brochure clearly shows that victims do NOT get under their desks; they get next to their desks. They are seen laying in front of their sofa, NOT under them.

The Turks do NOT use the term, to describe this as; ‘Triangle of LIfe’. It is understood that NO name is used. Nevertheless, this is exactly what Doug Copp, taught AKUT and others throughout the world; since, 1985. Doug Copp uses the term ‘Triangle of Life’ because the area, next to large bulky objects, form a ‘triangle’ when the building collapses….This area is, also, the ONLY area where victims survive building collapse. Therefore it is called the ‘triangle of life’. When Doug Copp taught AKUT he used the term :’triangle of life’.

I have been informed that AKUT and The Turkish Government teach that you should get ‘next to objects’ (The Triangle of Life) if there is a chance that your building could collapse. Since, 95% of Turkish Buildings are below ‘code’ then they should NOT duck and cover.

I have been informed; that AKUT have overcome potential problems, by telling people to ‘duck and cover’ if their building won’t collapse. Perhaps, this could be a solution, in the USA, if USA Insurance Companies and bureaucrats ‘financially guarantee that USA buildings won’t collapse.

I have no objection to ‘duck and cover’, if buildings don’t collapse; however, the ‘reality’ is ; that USA Buildings do collapse. It is preferable to ‘risk’ a ‘bruise’, from the ‘triangle of life’; rather than, ‘risk’ being ‘SQUASHED”, from ‘duck and cover’.

You should note that the AKUT Brochure, distributed to 1 miilion people, does NOT indicate ‘duck and cover’. It only indicates getting next to objects (the triangle of life.)

The Earthquake Page, from the AKUT Brochure, given to 1 million people clearly shows..Do NOT DUCK and COVER.

I feel compelled to include the text of 2 emails that I sent to an American Disaster Mitigation Official who proclaimed that USA Buildings do NOT collapse:

Email “#1. Doug Copp • As someone who has ACTUALLY crawled inside of 896 collapsed buildings; including, 200 PLUS ultra modern skyscrapers of the most sophisticated technology the USA, Japan, Taiwan and many other places.

I can tell you that this is pure BS. It is NOT true.

By the way, my background before, rescue was working at Demolition. This included skyscrapers, implosions ..all the stuff you see on TV…in fact I was the California license holder for a Nationwide Contractor. I was asked to take the license holder exam; because, only 1 person out of every hundred passes this very difficult exam.

I understand structures, as an expert; who has instructed, directed and lectured to an entire University of Engineering Students and Professors (on several occasions).

This is one of the reasons why I was able to survive 896 collapsed buildings when OSHA has statistically determined that 60% of rescuers are killed every entry/collapse. You can see, for yourself, at my website…and by the way..

the scientific test (watch the video) that we did, in Turkey was in a typical North American solid ( not hollow tile or tilted up) concrete and well tied together with rebar- building.

The test building was picked to test existing USA Building Codes/Standards.

You can go to my blog, my website , or my 2 youtube channels: amerrescue and amerrescuegmail ans see actual video of me inside of these extremely sophisticated collapsed buildings..all over the world.

Years ago, the ‘triangle of life’ was attacked by stating that the USA doesn’t have earthquakes, then the BS was “buildings in the USA don’t collapse’ then the American Red Cross came out and stated that the ‘triangle of Life’ was appropriate in other countries but NOT the USA (where they collect their donations and don’t want to rock the boat with USA Insurance Companies who consider it cheaper and less trouble if people die immediately from ‘duck and cover; rather than, survive and seek compensation.)

I encourage everyone to get the facts, determine the truth, think for yourself and of course go to my website and SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES).

I have been in British Columbia several times. beautiful place…Around the world, I have stood in 3 cities without a single building left standing. There is NOTHING, IN THIS WORLD; THAT CANNOT BE DESTROYED BY NATURE, IN SECONDS. I have seen things that you can barely imagine. “

“Email #2. Doug Copp. Dear Tom:

You live in a great area of Beijing; but it won’t take much to knock most of the buildings down.

Let me illustrate the problem like this…

An earthquake occurs..Typically (unless you have a quake Alarm), you have less than 10 seconds to respond. What will it BE! and What will you INSTANTLY do?

If it is a giant earthquake it can destroy every building, in the city.
If it is a big earthquake then perhaps, the ‘best’ buildings will survive.
If it is a tiny earthquake then perhaps, a few items get knocked off a shelf, some stairs and elevators are damaged..brick walls fall over etc etc

The problem is You don’t know..until it may be too late.

For the preservation of my OWN life:
I prefer risking a potential minor injury
getting crushed down to 1/4 inch thick with a puddle of blood oozing out from underneath.

650,000 people have died at the disasters; that I have worked. I calculate that 600,000, of these victims, died; because of, ‘duck and cover’.


I absolutely refuse to get under a desk…The thought of ‘duck and cover’ sends chills down my back..and nightmarish images into my mind…..I have visions of things that I have seen, with my own eyes. I have shirts covered in blood. I kept them.

It is a free choice world. People can do exactly as they want, from my point of view. I just don’t want them ‘slaughtered’, by being told BS.”

To go to the revised blog article click here:


This article will take a minute to load; since, it has complete and convincing material to save your life. If you study this page then you and your family will survive building collapse…even if everyone else dies…you will survive. Just as the Turks have survived.

Doug Copp has been a member of AKUT The National Rescue team of Turkey; since, 1995. Before they actually started UHR activities. The leadership of AKUT were given 6 ARTI Badges; as a sign of, co-operation, goodwill and working together.

Preface, from Doug Copp. During this Turkish Earthquake, we have saved lives, already and will save more over the next few days…come back for updates, concerning the earthquake and survival there.)

As CNN Reports; according to the Ministry of Civil Defense of Turkey, an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

The Triangle of Life was taught to these victims and is responsible for their survival. Thank God almighty that USA Insurers and the bureaucrats who are insured by them have been unable to stop us from saving these lives. Instead of the usual 2 percent survival rate from ‘duck and cover. The survival rates has been increased to 80 percent ( statistics at 2nd day of earthquake ).

Watch MSNBC TV Coverage of AKUT as they rescue victims who survived in the rubble, using the triangle of life. Look closely and you will notice that these victims are NOT under desks or any other objects. The ceiling came down and rested on big objects on either side of the victim. The victim survived uncrushed. This is the only way to survive building collapse. Notice triangular shapes everywhere, in the rubble. These ‘safe areas’, triangles of life are as natural to building collapse as gravity.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I never thought that I would praise an Insurance Company.

I never in my life…

after all the abuse, hardship and ‘out of control’ greed of USA Insurance Companies towards stopping the ‘Triangle of Life’ (They told us that they are in the business of “maximizing shareholder return not saving lives”…and that it is “cheaper and less trouble” if people immediately die from ‘duck and cover; rather than, survive via the ‘T of L’ and seek compensation)

thought that I would say this:

” THANK GOD. FOR THE Aksigorta INSURANCE COMPANY! WHO HAVE HELPED US SAVE LIVES, TODAY! AND IN THE FUTURE!. We have already trained 1 million people with our Saving Lives Project.”

Our Saving Lives Project has already trained 1 million people to follow the Triangle of Life and is scheduled to train a total of 5 million people.

Having said that, I am truly proud of my fellow members of AKUT/ARTI for our accomplishments, in Turkey; which are resulting in lives being saved in today’s earthquake.

Let me make this clear. My AKUT Badge from 1995 is shown above. My membership expired during my prolonged 911 illness. I have been sick, every day, for 10 years and currently have 20, 911 medical problems (at my worst point I had 47 simultaneous medical problems). The only time I was well enough to go to a disaster; since, 911, was in Haiti where the Brasilan Military Doctors, after treating me wanted to keep me in the hospital.

After living near death, for all these years, I am finally wearing out. I spend hours everyday having medical treatment, my eyes require 8 treatments perday, I am in pain every waking minute from lead in the cartilege of all my joints, am having my second 911 operation (in 2 weeks) and have a 6 month antibiotic prescription. I am very pleased with the good that I have been able to do, with my life, and standing up to monumental forces..even when others won’t. Life is a beautiful thing..even when you die.

Go to the Triangle of Life Brochure given to 1 million people, to date. It has pictures, images and text instructing people..NOT to get under a desk, It Shows you to Get Next to Your Desk; NOT to get under furniture, Get Next to furniture; and Showing you Triangles of Life, in Rubble, to survive.

All the information in this page of the brochure is exactly as taught to the members of AKUT and the Turkish Government, by Doug Copp

Children getting the Triangle of Life Brochure. 1 Million, to date. 5 Million more funded. Go to the Triangle of Life Brochure given to 1 million people, to date. It has pictures, images and text instructing people..NOT to get under a desk, It Shows you to Get Next to Your Desk; NOT to get under furniture, Get Next to furniture; and Showing you Triangles of Life, in Rubble, to survive.

Not only is AKUT, on the scene actively saving lives of victims who survived but are trapped, in the rubble:

Prior to Doug Copp training the AKUT mountain climbing club to rescue people, trapped in collapsed buildings, the victims simply died buried alive. Nobody rescued anybody because it was thought to be the will of Allah (See newspaper article quote, in text). Not only has AKUT and Rescue Chief Doug Copp saved lives in turkey. AKUT has become one of the very best and most successful rescue teams, in the entire world.

It gives me great pleasure to know that the ‘triangle of life’ has been taught throughout all regions of Turkey.

The Opening Ceremony for the 5 Million person, 50 city and 250 region program, to make Turkey the world leader in the triangle of Life, survival method, invented by Doug Copp.

Amazingly, while USA insurance companies mistakenly have concluded that it is more profitable to allow school children to die from ‘duck and cover’; rather than survive and seek compensation. Turkey is more humane. (Which American would have thought that?)

The Aksigorta Insurance Company, of Turkey has concluded that they prefer to save children’s lives, in schools and the public as a whole.

The Aksigorta Insurance Company, of Turkey has concluded that they prefer to save children's lives, in schools and the public as a whole. Clicking on this logo will take you to hundreds of Triangle of Life videos, docs and more thru out the world ..via the ARTI website.

It is true that the people of Turkey are not as litigious as the people of the USA; consequently, the insurers are not as ‘exposed’ to victims seeking compensation; however, I must applaud the Aksigorta Insurance Company of Turkey. Lives have been saved; today, because of their humanity.

TRAINING: The 'Life goes on, Turkey' (Hayata Devam Türkiye) campaign is hitting the road to raise awareness about the risks of earthquakes, fires and floods through the use of a quake simulator and interactive theatrical skits. DAILY NEWS photo

An Excerpt from the Daily News. Read the articles:

“Taksim Square on Tuesday as the tremors of a quake simulator marked the beginning of a cross-country campaign to educate people in Turkey about disaster preparedness.

The “Life goes on, Turkey” (Hayata Devam Türkiye) campaign is hitting the road to raise awareness about the risks of earthquakes, fires and floods through the use of a quake simulator and interactive theatrical skits. It is a partnership between the Search and Rescue Association of Turkey, or AKUT, and Aksigorta, an insurance company.

Standing beside the campaign’s two bright red trailer trucks, Namık Arıkol, the project’s general coordinator, with long hair and dressed in a black t-shirt and leather vest, looks like he could be preparing for an upcoming rock concert. Arıkol, however, is interested in preparing Turkey for something more dangerous.

“Ninety-five percent of Turkey lies in an earthquake region,” Arıkol told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review. “Turks wrongly think earthquakes result from only God’s work or fate, and structurally weak buildings remain in place to kill people.

“The project aims to continue for five years and eventually reach a total of 5 million people in 50 cities and 250 districts in Turkey, according to Burçak Seyis, the representative of Aksigorta for the project.” By Following the links,

you can read the complete article,

watch the video,

see the Special Website Visual Effects.

Some other useful and relevant links:

Now, that you know how to survive by getting into a triangle of life, give yourself enough warning time BEFORE the earthquake hits you. Get a Quake Alarm. It works. Read the Doug Copp Blog Article about Quake Alarm receiving the ARTI (American Rescue Team International) Life Saving Award by clicking on the image.

The World's Most Important Safety Device. It has saved an entire school of children for less than $50. It gives you enough warning, before *YOU FEEL*the destructive earthquake waves, to save your life. It really works! and it is fabulous!


Doug Copp was asked by a mother, of an American Student /hiker, to go, to Turkey and locate her son; who had been missing, in a wilderness area of Turkey, for 8 months. The US Military, US Embassy, Turkish Mountain Climbers and locals had searched for him without success. Doug went there planning to spend a couple of weeks searching. Doug found his remains, the first day.

This gave Doug extra free time to spend, in Turkey. Doug asked AKUT. the local mountain club: ” What happens when people are trapped in collapsed buildings? Who rescues them? ( Doug has trained hundreds of rescue teams and had planned to train a Turkish team.)”

The reply was: “Nobody. Nothing happens. People arn’t rescued.”
Doug said: ” No, let me explain. I mean…the people are alive and need to be rescued..’
The response was: “Nothing is done. It is the will of Allah.”
Doug said:” ” I mean..the people are screaming for help..they are alive..and trapped”
The answer was harsh;” Nothing is done..the rubble is taken to the ‘dump’……the people believe it is the will of Allah….they are left to die.”

Doug said to AKUT:” You guys are well educated, athletic, cultured, sophisticated..why don’t you let me train you to rescue people??”

The members of AKUT huddled together, spoke together and then turned to me, saying:” Sure. We can do that.”

Doug trained the mountain club to rescue people..and returned to Turkey many times, to train, lecture to the government and to help AKUT get funding and official recognition from the Turkish Government. The scientific triangle of Life test took place with the Federal Government, City of Istanbul, University of Istanbul and others involved. Movie Stars took part and it was broadcast on National Turkish TV and throughout the world, on Real TV.

AKUT has logged almost 2,000 rescues; since, Doug started the rescue team. The first thing that Doug teaches any rescuer is how to save their life and how to ensure that their family survives. ” A dead rescuer saves..nobody.”

The seed of the “Triangle of Life’ was planted.

AKUT seen rescuing people, on Turkish ‘rockstar’ status with the ‘macho’ Turks. Every young Turk wanted to be a rescuer….Hundreds of rescue teams started and the Turkish culture was one of focused heroism and saving lives.

Thanks, to Doug Copp and the first members of AKUT; Turkey has the strongest rescue effort of any country, in the world.

Rescue, in America is different. INSARAG (all government teams of the world), NASAR ( all USA rescue teams and fire depts) have been trained to use the triangle of life (survivable void) program created by Copp for several years, now; however, FEMA refuses to fight the USA Insurance Companies ‘stranglehold’ on ‘duck and cover’, and shareholder profits ‘trumping’ children’s lives.
When FEMA spends most of it’s energy trying to keep rescue teams from helping people and very litle effort helping victims. Read the blog concerning the infamous Chief Norman of FEMA New York and his bragging about arresting firefighters, who tried to help, at 911.

Watch the latest TV Broadcast of Doug Copp, on the 10 th Anniversary of 911, Sept 11, 2011. The Title is ‘911 TV Hero Doug Copp (KOB-TV)’.

TV coverage of Doug Copp, described as a “911 Hero playing an instrumental part at the World Trade Center, and the NYPD using one of Copp’s inventions to locate victims, in the rubble”. This was re- broadcast, on TV, in Albuquerque, on the 10th Anniversary of 911.

Videos of Doug Copp, saving lives in Turkey and the triangle of life:

1) Doug Copp first mission to Turkey, TV program locating the remains of a missing American. Watch the USA TV Program ‘Have a Heart’ NB These first 2 videos from Turkey are 16 years old, from our old website and very poor quality. You should view these only for info purposes and not entertainment. All the other videos are / great quality

Here is an Inside Edition TV Program about Doug Copp, at the same Turkey Mission.

2) Doug Copp, training mission to Turkey, to teach AKUT, and Turkish Government Leaders (including the Governor of today’s earthquake region)
NB These first 2 videos from Turkey are 16 years old, from our old website and very poor quality. You should view these only for info purposes and not entertainment. All the other videos are / great quality

3) Doug Copp, on the TV program ‘Real TV’, broadcast in 200 countries, saving the life of a little girl, buried alive, in Turkey.

4) Doug Copp and AKUT, saving lives and informing people, about the ‘Triangle of Life’ on the Major USA Network TV program ‘The View from Above’.

5) Doug Copp and AKUT, on the ‘Real TV’ Program, broadcast to 200 countries, ‘Scientific Test, in Turkey, to Save Lives, in Earthquakes.’ This test was made with the participation of the City of Istanbul, University of Istanbul, Federal Government of Turkey, AKUT, ARTI and Doug Copp. We took earthquake survival , under rigid scientific analysis and procedure, from 0% using ‘duck and cover’ to 100% using the ‘Triangle of Life’. See for yourself.

Note from Doug Copp:

” Under this scientific test, survival was 100% using the ‘Triangle of Life’; however, I expect that the average, in real-life-earthquakes would only be 90%. It must be understood that, TODAY, ‘Duck and Cover’ results in only 2% of people surviving, in the USA and other countries.

6) Doug Copp and ARTI, save lives, in Turkey, on the Discovery Channel.

7) ‘The World’s Deadliest Earthquakes’, an ABC Major Network Prime Time Special Doug Copp saves lives, in Turkey.

8) ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs’. The BBC TV production featuring Doug Copp, Rescue Chief of ARTI (American Rescue Team International), GOER (Argentina), AKUT (Turkey) and Captain National Fire Dept of Peru. Doug is seen saving lives around the world, going under the rubble of 911 while the fire is still smoldering , searching where FEMA were too afraid to go, getting poisoned under the millions of tons of rubble and finally getting medical treatment and struggling to stay alive through years of severe 911 illness. Doug is seen at the end stating: ” I did the right thing. I would do it all over again…without a second’s hesitation.. If God wants me to die…doing the right thing…then I’ll die..period.”

9) ‘Anatomy of a Disaster’ Discovery Channel and Major Network Broadcast more than 600 times, throughout the world, featuring Doug Copp saving lives, in Turkey.

10) Read some of Doug Copp’s blog articles concerning saving lives in Turkey and surviving earthquakes thru the triangle of life.

11) ‘Future Storm’, an award winning BBC Special featuring Doug Copp and the Triangle of Life’. The most expensive BBC Production ever made. It was ‘held back’ because BBC executives were alarmed that it was too frightening.

12)This is a 57 minute collection of very important video and TV Coverage of the Triangle of Life:

13) Doug Copp trains AKUT to do Urban Heavy Rescue

14) Doug Copp on The Learning Channel Program broadcast throughout the world, more than 1,000 broadcasts. The highest rated program ever to air on the network. “Earth’s Fury, Earthquakes” Doug saving lives.

15) 3) Doug Copp, on another of the Real TV Series covering Doug, broadcast in 200 countries. It tells about the triangle of Life and how to identify the locations of survivors.

16) Doug Copp on the Discovery Channel Using Helicopters, in Turkey to save lives, during an earthquake.

17) The World’s largest supplier of Training Films made this video, for the USA features Doug Copp and The Triangle of Life.

18) This 4 minute TV Commercial, from New Zealand , tells you how to save your life with the Triangle of Life. Wow, This 4 minutes..can save your life.

19) This German TV Program has Doug Copp explaining the Triangle of Life, in German.

12) The ARTI , American Rescue Team International website with hundreds of videos, documents, pdf files, earthquake instructions, poer point presentations, pictures and more showing Doug Copp leading ARTI as the world’s most experienced rescue team.

20) Doug Copp using the Triangle of Life at The World Trade Center 1 hr 30 minutes.of footage.

21) Doug Copp, 1 minute Public Service Commercial using the Triangle of life, in a Tsunami.

22) Doug Copp, on MSNBC, being interviewed about 1999 Turkish Earthquake and the Triangle of Life.

23) Doug Copp , T of L, Public Service Commercial 1 minute earthquake version 1.

24) Doug Copp T of L, 1 Minute Commercial , version 2.

25) Doug Copp, t of l, 1 minute commercial version 3.

26) Doug Copp Humanitarian, a mixture of lots of ACTION footage about the triangle of life

27) A Crushed Desk..see for yourself ..the difference between living and dieing.

28) The first new earthquake survival info in 50 years. This was broadcast to an initial audience of 500 million.CCTV Chinese & English
. CCTV China came to Doug Copp’s home and made this TV Program. First Broadcast was watched by 500 Million People.

29) Watch the T of L TV Commercial made by The Government of Mexico, for Mexico City, the most populated city, in the world.

30) Watch the Triangle of Life in Sign Language.

Also, Read some of the Dozens of Magazine Articles about the Triangle of LIfe, being adopted throughout the world, by going to the ARTI website. Here are a few:

1) Time Magazine

The United Nations Security, in Geneva, Switzerland, sends a ‘triangle of life’ power point presentation
to all UN Officials in Latin America

Quote from Time Magazine:

“Meanwhile, U.N. security experts this week sent out a triangle-of-life PowerPoint presentation to staff members in Latin America who are still shaken by the deaths of 100-plus U.N. workers in the organization’s Port-au-Prince headquarters, including the head of the mission there.”

Tim Padgett, Time Magazine, Senior Editor

2) The Saudi Arabian Magazine.*Read the Pan Arab Magazine Article*

April, 2010. Title: “Doug Copp, Triangle of Life”
This magazine has a circulation of 100,000, in the 10 wealthiest arab countries.
It is published for the elite, super-rich of the oil world.
It is a block buster expose of the $ and death behind ‘duck and cover.’
We are translating this article into English.

3) Read the article in India’s Premier Business and Management Magazine: ‘Business and Economy’. *Read the Business Journal Magazine Article*

*or go directly to the Business and Economy Magazine website*

March 5, 2010. Title: “Are you prepared?
Next time when the ground beneath your feet trembles, try the ‘Triangle of Life’”


“Techniques like drop, cover and hold-on are passé. “Duck and cover results in a 98% death rate when buildings collapse. The only people who survive are those who do the ‘triangle of life’. This is either intentionally or as a result of panicking, fleeing, being knocked to the floor and somehow finding themselves in a survivable void. If the masses followed the ‘triangle of life’, there would be a major shift from death to survivability, in earthquakes,” says Doug Copp, Professor of Disaster Mitigation at the International Institute of Disaster Reduction Institute.”

Ravi Inder Singh Correspondent—FEATURES Business & Economy, 4P’s Business and Marketing, and The Sunday Indian (TSI)

There are many power point and pdf files on the Triangle of LIfe:

1) The Triangle of Life University Program, in Iran.
See the power point presentation at the Doug copp Blog Article

2) The United Nations Power Point Presentation, on the Triangle of Life.

13) The AKUT website; since, Doug Copp trained this mountain climbing club, to save lives, in earthqu7akes, AKUT has saved thousands of lives, in Turkey and around the world.

Some Pictures:

1) Tugba Atun , Doug Copp and AKUT saving her life

1) Tugba Atun , Doug Copp and AKUT saving her life

2) Tugba Atun on an ABC Prime Time Special Kissing Doug Copp’s cheek and thanking him for saving her life.

2) Tugba Atun on an ABC Prime Time Special Kissing Doug Copp's cheek and thanking him for saving her life.

3) Doug Copp, TV interview, in Turkey. ” Sometimes there are special things, in life, saving Tugba was one of them, for me.”

3) Doug Copp, TV interview, in Turkey. " Sometimes there are special things, in life, saving Tugba was one of them, for me."

4) Doug Copp and Memo Tansrever, inside of Turkish Collapsed Building during the T of L Scientific Test

Important Blog Articles re the Triangle of life:

1) ‘The Triangle of Life Continues to Spread Around the World’, blog article with links all over the world.

A sampling of the dozens of Links to the AKUT Keep On Living Turkey Project

1) Turkish English Language Science Journal
2) The Aksigorta Insurance Company Website:
Excerpt from the website:

“Keep Living Turkey” Project
Aksigorta And Akut Together Reached A Breakthrough By Reaching More Than 1 Million People With Respect To Natural Disasters And İnsurance Awareness Through The Project Entitled “Keep Living, Turkey”.

In the first phase of the social responsibility project entitled “Keep Living, Turkey”, more than 1 million people, including students, representatives of official institutions, SME employees and citizens, were educated on protecting against natural disasters and taking out insurance through a variety of seminars and training sessions. Mr. Uğur Gülen, the CEO of Aksigorta, expressed his belief that the 5-year project would enable Turkish citizens to take a stand against natural disasters in a better equipped manner and with a better understanding of the importance of being insured against catastrophes.

The “Disaster Training” convoy, set up by Aksigorta and AKUT – Turkey’s most trusted organizations in their own fields to form the social responsibility project entitled “Keep Living, Turkey”, educated more than 1 million people on natural disasters and insurance awareness in a total of 10 provinces and 50 districts. Having completed the first phase of the project at the Kadıköy Square, Aksigorta and AKUT shared the public the results of this 2-month marathon with the general public.

In the first phase of the project, which was conducted with the support of local administrations while enjoying wide participation and strong interest from the general public, the convoy covered a total of 15,000 km in its 2-month tour, which covered Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Gaziantep, Malatya, Trabzon, Samsun and Ankara. In this period, one-to-one contact was established with 500,000 people, 100,000 of whom were students and 5,000 were handicapped. Seminars were provided to them on protection against natural disasters and raising awareness on insurance.

3) The AKUT Website Link to the Saving Lives Project (English) excerpt:

“Turkey’s first 3-D G-Force Mobile Earthquake Simulator Truck” and “Life Resume Turkey Disaster Training Truck” Taksim Square and headed to the ceremony. Professional educators and cast, in the first place, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Gaziantep, Malatya, Trabzon, Samsun and Ankara, covering 10 provinces and 50 counties, will work to spread public awareness of insurance by providing instruction in natural disasters.

Turkey’s most trusted institutions in their respective fields, and the acute Aksigorta, “Life Resume Turkey ‘social responsibility project,” in order to raise awareness of disaster and insurance “, 5 years, 50 provinces, 250 counties aiming to reach 5 million people visited.

Cast of 30 professional educators and the “Life Resume Turkey” project, designed specifically for social responsibility; Turkey’s first 3-dimensional G-Force Mobile Earthquake Simulator Truck “and” Life Resume Turkey Disaster Training Truck “s, as well as educational films, seminars, talks, training manuals and insurance awareness yaygılaştırılmaya to work with the disaster.

In addition, disaster and insurance with a professional theatrical performance demonstrating that the players, the public can participate in interactive will be covered in a fun way. Anyone wishing to attend events and information website all of the photos, training documents, have access to constantly updated information.

The first stage, 60 days, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Gaziantep, Malatya, Trabzon, Samsun and Ankara, which will cover a total of 50 district “Life Resume Turkey ‘social responsibility project, in disaster, Turkey, the districts also carries the distinction of being the first project covering.

#) Entertainment Magazine Events Turkey website with 2 videos of the Saving Lives Program.


I am so happy, pleased and grateful, to God that he has so blessed me with the fruition of my efforts to create a rescue team, in Turkey and save the lives of it’s people thru the ‘Triangle of Life’.

With the assistance and support of AKUT, The Turkish Governments (on all levels), the Aksigorta iNSURANCE COMPANY and the the Great people of Turkey…This is the second greatest thing that I have done, in my life and well worth dieing for.

ARTI and my work ( Doug Copp) continues, in India:

Saving the lives of 250,000 victims, in India , by preventing an outbreak of the plague, following the Gujarat Earthquake…After the Indian Government had resigned itself to 250,000 deaths was the greatest thing that I have ever my time on earth….

The success of our efforts in Turkey to save lives, reduce suffering and help people ……makes me feel like my ordeal with , his bought-off cronies, greedy USA insurance companies and completely unethical and immoral USA bureaucrats (‘pushing duck and cover’ because it is “cheaper and less trouble” to let the children die; rather than, sue the School Boards and Government Agencies)

has all been worth it.

I would gladly have my reputation slandered and destroyed, give my life and endure any threat; including, FEMA’s abuse (see the Doug Copp Blog Article) referring to my dead mother as a “$1 Road Whore ” to be fucked by )…for the comforting thought that I managed to do something very good to help people.

My 911 injuries have made it impossible, for me, to save lives, at major disasters.

Nevertheless, the same spirit that drove me to sleep on ‘bare dirt’ for 6 months/year, donate 70% of my income, and crawl inside of 896 collapsed buildings, as an unpaid volunteer; continues to drive me to save lives via, the ‘triangle of life’.

The vested financial and bureaucratic interests that spend time, effort and money to destroy me fail to understand me. They have no understanding, of the mind of a humanitarian. Their attempts to destroy me have continued for years, there is NO lie they will not tell and no limit on their vindictive hatred.

It all amounts to nothing. Let me tell you why.

On 3 occasions, I found myself inside of a collapsed building when a ‘life threatening incident’ occurred. I faced my own immediate death. There was nothing that I could do. It was impossible for me to survive. I looked up, asked God to save me; so that, I could save more lives. On three occasions, absolutely impossible miracles occurred. These miracles will be detailed, in another blog article.

I cannot stop; saving lives, via the ‘triangle of life’ because of my promise to GOD.

They must kill me or stop endangering children’s lives, for profit. ‘Duck and cover’ is death.


Doug Copp

Please go to the other blogs to get much more survival information and links:

This is a list of some links from ‘The Triangle of Life Continues to Spread Around the World:

With all the vitriolic attacks against the , I have noticed a couple of consistencies: 1) None of the proponents of ‘duck and cover’ try to defend it based upon survivability or reality, 2) None of the proponents of ‘duck and cover’ have actually crawled inside of a collapsed building to actually see the truth of what happens inside, 3) All the proponents of ‘duck and cover’ are bureaucratic types who have a vested financial interest in ‘duck and cover’, 4) They all attack me, doug copp, personally as a fraud, criminal etc etc.., 5) None of them offer any proof (unlike the triangle of life where you can watch hundreds of videos, pictures, power point etc. , 6) It is all about money. It is cheaper and less trouble if school children are immediately killed, in an earthquake, so that they don’t sue the bureaucrats, their institutions or the insurance companies who have their policies against earthquake liability.

The triangle of Life was discovered by Doug Copp, when he crawled inside of a collapsed school, in Mexico City, during the 1985 earthquake. As Doug crawled up and down the aisles, in safety, he was shocked that all the children were crushed to death under their desks. The ceiling had fallen and the weight had ‘snapped’ the legs of all the desks.The ceiling rested upon all the desk tops and remained intact. The children were 1/2 inch thick. Doug did not know it at the time but 3 children had survived this horror. Their English affidavits are at with links to the original Spanish language publications Two girls who were, in the aisles survived untouched. Lorena had her legs squashed under the desk. Her torso was in the aisle. Her legs needed to be amputated but she survived.

The Triangle of Life is Spreading Around The World:

Read the other blog articles, on this website. You will see that Time Magazine wrote about Doug Copp and the ‘triangle of Life’, Universities have begun to teach ‘the triangle of life’ as a course for emergency managers…and much more beyond the links that you find listed here.

Doug ‘s life was changed. He was on a mission to stop children from getting under desks. In 2000 he wrote an article for American Guide Magazine.This 5 page – 13 picture article described the triangle of Life and how to collapsed buildings.

Doug posted the article, on his website and was contacted by an unknown reader who asked permission to condense the article into an and send it to some friends. It is conservatively estimated that 1 billion people got that email. It went from family member and friend throughout the farthest corners of the world.

The South African Embassy Newsletter in Hong Kong published the original email.

Pressure was put upon politicians and bureaucrats from Mexico to Iran, from the USA to the United Nations. TV programs featured the triangle of Life, TV commercials were made, supporting the triangle of life

One program produced by CCTV, the Chinese Government Station was broadcast to an initial audience of 500 million people.

The Chinese Government published Doug Copp’s speech to 5 different Government Agencies and distributed it throughout China.

The Turkish Federal Government, The City of Istanbul, the University of Istanbul paid for the heavy equipment, provided buildings to collapse and broadcast on Turkish TV and the TV program Real TV a scientific test proving the triangle of life:

Time Magazine wrote an article stating that the United Nations personnel had copied Doug’s Triangle of Life ‘power point presentation and sent it to all the United Nations employees, in Latin America.

United nations TV copied one of Doug’s , translated it into Creole and broadcast it on United Nations TV, in Haiti.

Business and Economy Magazine, the most influential business magazine, in India wrote that the Indian Government Scientists were contacted and they endorsed the triangle of life as a means that individuals can use to earthquakes.

Snob Magazine, the magazine of the oil rich elite, in the Middle East wrote about the triangle of life being necessary for the survival of the ‘richest of the rich’.

Many TV programs have broadcast the triangle of life Information. Here is Doug speaking about the triangle of life on CNN, to 220 countries

You tube videos began to appear endorsing the triangle of life. The Mexican Government, Minister of Civil Defense appears in a Mexican Government, created commercial for Mexican TV.

The Spark Award for International Design was awarded to Yanko Design, for the Triangle of Life Desk. These desks are available, in Hong Kong. which have been purchased by the Chinese Government for use in Chinese Schools

; triangle of Life ‘toys’ available in Latin America;

dozens of ‘t of l’ you tube videos ( in many , many languages).You tube videos have been created in many languages..even in spanish sign language

The INSARAG association of Governmental Rescue Teams, from around the world, have been teaching the triangle of life, for 10 years and NASAR, the association of Fire Dept’s and Rescue teams, in America, has been teaching the triangle of Life , for 7 years.

Click to access Sizeup.pdf

See page 632 in this firefighters manual:

Another firefighter’s manual from United Kingdom mentioning searching survivable voids (top right of page):

Page 7, paragraph 2, of a Pentagon report on the World Trade Towers collapse of 9.11:

Notice in the following link how many times it is mentioned that rescuers search the void spaces for survivors. No mention here of anyone doing Duck, Cover and Hold!

Many rescue teams , from around the world, are supporting the triangle of life. Here is the triangle of Life at GOER, the National Rescue Team of Argentina:

The original email continues to travel the world, in French, German, Arabic, English, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish and more.

An hour long radio Interview with New Zealand concerning the triangle of life took place with Doug the day before this writing.

The Triangle of Life is Spreading Around the World

As the German Philosopher Shopenhauer stated: The path of all truth follows 3 steps. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and Thirdly it is accepted as self evident.

Doug Copp is quoted: “American Insurance Companies continue to violently oppose the triangle of life because surviving school children require compensation for emotional or traumatic injury. Shareholder profits are reduced. Many USA bureaucrats continue to oppose the triangle of life because the insurance companies have told them that their premiums will increase or their coverage will be dropped, if they change to the triangle of life. This is wrong and unacceptable to any decent person. Children’s lives are more important than Insurance Company profits. Does this sound like the truth behind the Health Care Debate, in the USA? It is. Corporate Profit vs. human life”

Read the article (part of a series of 9 articles supporting Doug Copp) as published by the Desert Valley Star , a California newspaper, exposing the malicious lies and attacks against Doug Copp

‘Duck and Cover’ cannot be defended; since, it is nonsense and the “triangle of Life’ is as true and real as gravity; therefore, the only means of protecting corporate greed, at the expense of school children’s lives, has been to attack Doug Copp, personally. As an unpaid volunteer, who has risked his life and dedicated his life, to saving people from disaster, Doug Copp has been defamed and discredited as a ‘knucklehead’, ‘idiot’, ‘criminal’, ‘phony’, ‘fraud’…and worse. Criminal acts have been made against him and his life has been threatened.

Doug Copp’s response: ” I follow my conscience. Their lies are not enough to stop me. They will need to kill me. After my death, I will face God and know that I did everything I possibly could to protect the children. I will have a clear conscience. Period.”

About doug copp

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. International Disaster Reduction Institute Institute of International Disaster January 2010 – Present (3 years 10 months)worldwide The world's most experienced Rescuer/Disaster Mitigation Management Expert , crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings at 100+ disaster events during war, peace and revolution Plus a lifetime of High Adventure; including, an undercover cop. .At almost 3,000 serious life threatening events and the medical survival from enough toxins to kill 200+ people, I am probably the world's leading survivor, from death. Survival Scientist Linkedin Profile: Summary saving lives, reducing suffering. "You must not only be good. You must be wise and wise enough to know who is good." doug copp Sometimes it is NOT enough to do good things must be strong enough to endure the attack...that will follow; especially if you are trying to place children's lives ahead of USA Insurance Company Profits...crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings helped to give me the courage that it takes; especially, considering that I have been sick every single day; since 911. FYI: USA Insurance companies oppose my 'triangle of life' survival method; because, 90% of the children would survive; instead of 98% dead. This translates into//actuarial tables indicate, survivor's seeking compensation for trauma (physical or mental) with a net result of diminished shareholder return. The insurance Company Executives told us: ” We are in the business of maximizing shareholder return..NOT..saving lives.” The USA School Boards have been told by their Insurance Carriers that their policies would be terminated or the premium would become extreme..if the children are allowed to survive, following my method. I tried to learn: I am responsible for 'what I do' and for 'what I do NOT do'. I am responsible for 'MY actions'. I am not responsible for what other people do. I discovered: that people never regret 'doing the right thing'. They only regret 'doing the wrong thing'. A life devoid of 'something worth dying for', is a life, 'not worth living'. Do all the living you can; while you can. 650,000 people died, at the major disasters I worked at..I have seen things that you cannot imagine. For all the persecution, hatred, violence and disgusting behavior that I have endured; in fighting against, evil, greedy bastards who exploited the helpless and preyed upon people..I am glad that I always did 'the right thing'. I always stood up; many times, by myself; but never alone.. If you can't be YOURSELF then who can you be?
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