John Hamilton, NZ, Government endangering children’s lives for corporate profit?

For Public Distribution Throughout New Zealand

Dear John Hamilton, NZ Minister of Civil Defense:

Hopefully, you are being used as a pawn and are not a knowing participant in endangering NZ school-children’s lives, for profit.  I expect that your experiences in the NZ Air Force did not involve crawling into collapsed buildings; therefore, at this time,  I presume that you have been misinformed. If so, then you will take immediate action and adopt ‘the triangle of life’; throughout, New Zealand.

It is all about money.

Some Corporate Industries want to maximize their profit at the expense of the people.

Government policy can change the course of our planet’s future, with the stroke of a pen.

I know 4 WELL FUNDED, anti-life, anti-science, anti-logic (maximizing profit at the expense of humanity) corporate ‘Business Endeavors’. Many Corporations hire ‘The Americans For Prosperity Organization‘ ,funded by, the Koch Brothers and other multi-billionaires. This Company organize bogus ‘experts’ (such as, Liz Ditz, DR Lucy Jones etc etc ) , conferences (The Great Shake-outs) , mailings and the internet to destroy individuals, like myself and others who ‘stand in their way’. They have no limits. It is Just Business, to them. They ‘brought down ‘Al Gore’ and did much of the Anti-Obama hate campaign. I thank President Obama, for ‘lighting the way’ to endure the ‘hate campaign’,  of these profiteers.

In this world, of corporate excess, you cannot due good and expect not to be destroyed.

The villains:

1) cigarette companies continue  addicting and killing people to sell maximize sales. In unregulated, 3rd world countries they give cigarettes to children, for free.

2) oil companies are polluting our air, water,soil; thereby, causing climate change to maximize profit.

3) chemical companies campaign against environmentally caused illness; such as, autism; thereby, reducing legal liability and increasing sales.

4) USA Insurance Companies; causing the death of schoolchildren by promoting ‘duck and cover’; instead of, the ‘triangle of life’. Dead children cost the school board’s Insurer. nothing. Due to lawsuits, Survivors calculated  cost is  $35,000 to $1 million each.

I forgive them all but their victims may not be so Christian’. The future looks black, dark and consequential; for these corporate executives.

In earthquakes and hurricanes you only need to know 3 words to understand how to survive or die: ‘under’ something that is squashed and you die, ‘next to’ a large squashed object you survive. and ‘leave’ to go to some place safe during a hurricane.

I can’t make it any simpler: stupid people die…to maximize profit. smart people use their own brain and live.

Surviving Earthquakes is simple enough to be used as a children’s toy, in South America; but NOT New Zealand. WHY?


doug copp

founder of ARTI ( the world’s most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the ‘triangle of life’ to take building collapse survivability from 2% using ‘duck and cover’ to 90% using the ‘triangle of life’

ARTI is composed of All Unpaid Volunteers

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. “Now, that my 911 injuries have made it impossible for me, to crawl into collapsed buildings, I thank God for allowing me to continue saving lives. I am willing to sacrifice my life, my health, my reputation and endure any attack, slander, burden or harm to fulfill this life purpose. PERIOD.”

see for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug’s searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire world. or our eye opening/controversial and mega informative blogs at and

Go to youtube and watch MORE THAN 100 youtube videos at amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels

1-902-567-1227 home

” There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking.” Above all …….overcome this.

About doug copp

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. International Disaster Reduction Institute Institute of International Disaster January 2010 – Present (3 years 10 months)worldwide The world's most experienced Rescuer/Disaster Mitigation Management Expert , crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings at 100+ disaster events during war, peace and revolution Plus a lifetime of High Adventure; including, an undercover cop. .At almost 3,000 serious life threatening events and the medical survival from enough toxins to kill 200+ people, I am probably the world's leading survivor, from death. Survival Scientist Linkedin Profile: Summary saving lives, reducing suffering. "You must not only be good. You must be wise and wise enough to know who is good." doug copp Sometimes it is NOT enough to do good things must be strong enough to endure the attack...that will follow; especially if you are trying to place children's lives ahead of USA Insurance Company Profits...crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings helped to give me the courage that it takes; especially, considering that I have been sick every single day; since 911. FYI: USA Insurance companies oppose my 'triangle of life' survival method; because, 90% of the children would survive; instead of 98% dead. This translates into//actuarial tables indicate, survivor's seeking compensation for trauma (physical or mental) with a net result of diminished shareholder return. The insurance Company Executives told us: ” We are in the business of maximizing shareholder return..NOT..saving lives.” The USA School Boards have been told by their Insurance Carriers that their policies would be terminated or the premium would become extreme..if the children are allowed to survive, following my method. I tried to learn: I am responsible for 'what I do' and for 'what I do NOT do'. I am responsible for 'MY actions'. I am not responsible for what other people do. I discovered: that people never regret 'doing the right thing'. They only regret 'doing the wrong thing'. A life devoid of 'something worth dying for', is a life, 'not worth living'. Do all the living you can; while you can. 650,000 people died, at the major disasters I worked at..I have seen things that you cannot imagine. For all the persecution, hatred, violence and disgusting behavior that I have endured; in fighting against, evil, greedy bastards who exploited the helpless and preyed upon people..I am glad that I always did 'the right thing'. I always stood up; many times, by myself; but never alone.. If you can't be YOURSELF then who can you be?
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