ISIS is not a Serious Threat. ISIS is a weak and cowardly organization that is phony and a fraud. Somebody needs to stand up to EVIL and Spit in their face. I have done this all of my adult life. ISIS GO FUCK Yourselves. WHY? Here is the Answer:

Kenji GOto was beheaded. I had offered myself, in exchange for his release.

ISIS is not a Serious Threat. ISIS is a weak and cowardly organization that is phony and a fraud. Somebody needs to stand up to EVIL and Spit in their face. I have done this all of my adult life. ISIS GO FUCK Yourselves. WHY? Here is the Answer:

1) ISIS is by it’s very name a bogus, fraudulent and phony organization. ISIS is supposed to be an Islamic Organization. Islam worships Allah. Whether you use the term Allah, God , Jehovah or any other name; there is one common characteristic: Allah is good. Allah doe not want the brutal murder of innocent women, children or aid workers.
There is only one God that delights in the murder and suffering of innocent people. That is Satan. The people of Islam and the whole rest of the world will turn against ISIS as worshipers of Satan. ( Satanic Cults hide in the shadows, just like ISIS; because, they cannot face the ‘light of day’. I have stood against A Satanic Master; before, Thompson Lang of the Albuquerque Journal, who inherited $110,000,00 , as a student, spent $2,000,000 to try and get revenge upon me. He is a coward, fraud and hides in the shadows; just like ISIS.) I have spit in the face of evil; before.  ISIS is a fraud.

2) The members of ISIS are weak. Only weak, inferior and unimpressive people harm innocent and harmless people.

3) The members of ISIS are cowards. ISIS members are the very definition of cowards. They hide behind a mask; while a helpless, tied-up, innocent civilian is on their knees, with their back towards them. From behind they slit the throat of an innocent person. They use TV to scare people with their ‘theatrics’. ISIS are infantile, psychopaths pretending to be the ‘bogey man’. ISIS is absolute cowardice.

4) Isis members are childish, immature, psychopathic people who delight in the Theater of Horror to scare people, on TV; because, they themselves are unimpressive, worthless people with no more historical importance than the unpleasant annoyance of a cockroach. They are not men. They have no respect and deserve no respect.

5) Isis members are not real ‘terrorists’, insurgents, revolutionaries or religious zealots. They are phony terrorists. They are only psychopaths, not revolutionaries.
I have been held captive by Palestinian Terrorists, Kosovo Terrorists and El Salvadorian Terrorists. On all three occasions they discussed whether to kill me, on the spot, or to let me go. Each time; when they realized that I was an unpaid volunteer who crawled into collapsed buildings to save people; regardless, of the victim’s politics; they decided to let me go and in 2 instances gave me escort and protection to ensure my safety. I didn’t agree with their methods, life, or activities; but, they were sincere.

ISIS members are ‘paper tigers’ who are mentally ill, inferior, cowardly phonies. ISIS will soon break up and disband as a group of losers. Their support will evaporate; as they become known for the phonies they are. The biggest trauma of the ISIS members life; will be when they want to go home to their ‘mommy’ and they won’t be able to get away; from justice, hunting them done.

Why I am not afraid of ISIS:

I have faced more than 3,000 serious life threatening events, as an unpaid volunteer. I have no doubt that every time that I came close to death; I was protected. On 2 occasions impossible things happened that saved my life. Those are other stories.

On many occasions I have been confronted with a fearful challenge greater than the fear of being beheaded:

1) As a young police officer, a fleeing murderer drove up on the sidewalk, to run me over, to kill me as he made his escape. I escaped by less than a second. The adrenallin rush of a less than a second escape, ‘trumps’ a beheading.

2) In a giant landslide, in Costa Rica it was necessary, for me to wade across a crocodile infested river…..4 times. Being eaten by a crocodile is far scarier than being beheaded.

3) On 3 occasions I was searching a damaged building when an aftershock caused the building to completely collapse, on top of me. I was buried alive; until I rescued myself. This was terrifying.

4) During my digging in a collapsed goldmine, in Peru, to rescue trapped victims; there was an aftershock. As the tunnel completely collapsed, falling on my back, I had less than 1 second; to escape being crushed to death. The rubble knocked me down and pushed me out the entrance.

5) In a partially collapsed tunnel, at a hydro power generation plant, in Taiwan, I was 1 mile inside, of the mountain; when an aftershock occurred. This was dark and frightening.

6) Living during the horrors of 650,000 horrible deaths was worse than a beheading. I slept next to a pile of several thousand decomposing corpses. I know about horror.

7) My 911 illness at one point I had 47 simultaneous illnesses. I had ‘cluster headaches’; which cause so much pain that you feel like you are inside of a ‘pain bomb’. You cannot see, hear or connect with the world around you. Your Central Nervous System has ‘gone berserk’ with pain signals. No torture known, to man, can compare. This nightmare of pain, from hell,lasted for 24 hours per day for 2 months.

I could go on for an hour with the stories of my escaping death, by a second; searching live mine fields for mass murder victims, buildings collapsing on top of me, people trying to kill me and etc etc etc..

To ISIS I say: Yes I am a sick, disabled and 63 year old worn-out bastard, more dead than alive; but, I have more guts than ‘every last one of you cowardly bastards combined’. Everyone dies. It is how you live that counts. The members of ISIS are already in Hell. You will never see ‘paradise’. You will only continue to exist, in Hell, for all eternity.

You will fail, for all these reasons. There will be justice, for you and it will be delivered, in front of your face; not from behind the back, by a masked coward. I look forward to the future unfolding, for you.

I have one simple thing to say to ISIS: GO FUCK Yourselves.

I live at 563 Charlotte St., Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I invite you to try and kill me here or wait; until, I come to the Middle East, to teach your enemies how to survive; when you blow-up their buildings. I spit in your face with utter contempt. I dare you to confront me.



(As a side note: lately, my brain has been recovering well; since, 911. I have gone from being a ‘vegetable’;  to adding 10 more inventions, to my list. I have over 40 inventions, now.

Last week, I designed the mobile medical health emergency treatment facility, of the next century ( AAA#1 for Ebola mobile treatment facilities..less cost, less exposure, less contamination, more effective, more efficient, less work, less trouble, lower suffering, improved patient survivability.); with the details of 4 devices that go inside of it. I plan to post it online and give it away, for free, to a company that will donate some profits to charity.

I am now  working with my attorney to file patents; for a number of patents, 1) to end the necessity of ‘chemicals/toxins/preservatives, in the food manufacturing process (same profit, same liability, cheaper costs, no chemicals) and 2) I have a working commercialized machine which cuts detoxification/odor removal costs; due to fire , dead bodies or contamination to 1/10 th of all current methods, for homes and business.) That was 2 weeks ago.

Bottom Line: I am recovering my pre-911-toxic-poisoning-event intellectual abilities.

I am ready for ISIS. Ready to help the enemies of ISIS. Ready to destroy ISIS. Friends of ISIS should distribute this document to all members of ISIS. Beware of doug copp.


About doug copp

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. International Disaster Reduction Institute Institute of International Disaster January 2010 – Present (3 years 10 months)worldwide The world's most experienced Rescuer/Disaster Mitigation Management Expert , crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings at 100+ disaster events during war, peace and revolution Plus a lifetime of High Adventure; including, an undercover cop. .At almost 3,000 serious life threatening events and the medical survival from enough toxins to kill 200+ people, I am probably the world's leading survivor, from death. Survival Scientist Linkedin Profile: Summary saving lives, reducing suffering. "You must not only be good. You must be wise and wise enough to know who is good." doug copp Sometimes it is NOT enough to do good things must be strong enough to endure the attack...that will follow; especially if you are trying to place children's lives ahead of USA Insurance Company Profits...crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings helped to give me the courage that it takes; especially, considering that I have been sick every single day; since 911. FYI: USA Insurance companies oppose my 'triangle of life' survival method; because, 90% of the children would survive; instead of 98% dead. This translates into//actuarial tables indicate, survivor's seeking compensation for trauma (physical or mental) with a net result of diminished shareholder return. The insurance Company Executives told us: ” We are in the business of maximizing shareholder return..NOT..saving lives.” The USA School Boards have been told by their Insurance Carriers that their policies would be terminated or the premium would become extreme..if the children are allowed to survive, following my method. I tried to learn: I am responsible for 'what I do' and for 'what I do NOT do'. I am responsible for 'MY actions'. I am not responsible for what other people do. I discovered: that people never regret 'doing the right thing'. They only regret 'doing the wrong thing'. A life devoid of 'something worth dying for', is a life, 'not worth living'. Do all the living you can; while you can. 650,000 people died, at the major disasters I worked at..I have seen things that you cannot imagine. For all the persecution, hatred, violence and disgusting behavior that I have endured; in fighting against, evil, greedy bastards who exploited the helpless and preyed upon people..I am glad that I always did 'the right thing'. I always stood up; many times, by myself; but never alone.. If you can't be YOURSELF then who can you be?
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  4. Michael Richardson says:

    All you Infidels are the same – you don’t understand the ways of Allah (may peace be upon him) or what Allah is trying to do. Don’t you understand that Allah (may peace be upon him) does not want anyone to go to Hell, but His Word is Perfect and He cannot go against His own Word. He has given you all a chance to convert to Islam, but you constantly deny the truth of Allah’s Righteousness. Then you complain when SOME OF YOU GET BEHEADED!

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