Another Triangle of Life TV Program Broadcast

Doug Copp: Still Alive. Still Fighting and Still on TV. Saving Lives With the Triangle of Life//Survivable Void.

Greece 1986

Kobe, Japan 1994

1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

It is an amazing world and sometimes the politics of social change and the ‘advancement of civilization (civilized behavior)’ are bizarre, incredulous and surprising. Last night, I ‘turned on’ my TV, and a program about the ‘triangle of life’ was being broadcast. I hadn’t known about it. Similar ‘surprises’ have occurred when I have gone to youtube and seen Public Service Messages, created by Foreign Governments, in many languages..and to my great surprise….. I am in them….with the ‘Triangle of Life’ being explained, to populations, to save their lives.

The TV series: Surviving Disasters (earthquakes. program) will be rebroadcast on the SPIKE Network, Friday May 25, 2012, at noon time. In Canada, It will be aired on the Shaw Cable Company, Channel 268, on that date and time.

The Triangle of Life simply means that survivable voids or right angle triangles are naturally formed next to large bulky objects that allow people not to be crushed. In schools, the desks form many points of support for the ceiling which stays intact. The ceiling falls on top of the desks, crushes the legs; however, it leaves a survivable void, in the aisles. This where children survive. Under desks is where children are squashed.

History will be bewildered that ‘Duck and Cover’, created under Dept of War contract; with the Madison Ave. marketing firm; Archer Productions, was believed, by anyone, ‘for a minute’. The first ‘duck and cover’ TV commercial; created to ‘calm’ the population, to minimize hysteria, after the Soviet Union got the Atomic Bomb, ‘trained’ the people, to ‘duck and cover’, under a blanket or newspaper, after they had seen the nuclear flash. By ducking to the ground and covering their head, the ‘atomic explosion’ couldn’t hurt them. The follow-up commercials, next year started the children ‘ducking and covering’ under their desks.

It is stunning; that someone, with any kind of a doctorate, any kind of logical mind, would endorse; such a bizarre and ridiculous policy, to save lives. It is just as ‘fantastical ‘as: blood letting to release demons, the flat earth society and ‘Adam and Eve’- creationism. It makes you think that vested interests; usually, money and power are involved; rather than, saving lives or protecting children.

The program realistically simulates an earthquake. The building collapsing. The people are inside. It tells you to get next to a large, bulky object; that will have a ‘survivable void’, next to it. It shows the building collapsing on top of them. A ‘triangle appears, on screen, superimposed on the triangle formed as the wall creates a perfect ‘triangle of life’, next to the sofa. It shows the ‘triangle of life’ with victims surviving throughout the structure. The victims crawl out of the collapsed rubble, by crawling through interconnected voids (triangles), next to objects. They do this until they all exit the building and have saved themselves. At the end of the program..they all survive because they knew to get into survivable voids/triangles of life. Various members of Los Angeles County Fire Dept, are seen as, the experts supporting this.

I am glad they do; however, it would be ‘welcome’ if they had the ‘interest’, to put an end to, Doug Copp being used as a ‘punching bag’. NASAR and INSARAG (all the major rescue teams, of the world) have all been using my rescue methods and my scientific discovery, the ‘triangle of life’//’survivable voids’, for years; nevertheless, I have stood alone’ against ‘Corporate Greed’, in the school room. It has been told to me that nobody was willing to jeopardize their job, career, ‘future’ or ‘health’ by joining the battle. I must admit that I can’t blame them, for wanting to avoid getting ‘beat to death’, like me; however, I have always considered the firefighter/rescuers heart to be a ‘beautiful thing’. It is unfortunate that the ‘actual rescue’ is sometimes the easiest part. ‘Politics’,’greed’ and selfishness have always been the major obstacles, to saving lives.

I normally do NOT watch any TV program related to disaster, survival or rescue. This might seem to be ‘hard to understand’; that the most experienced rescue person, in the world; doesn’t like to watch these programs. My reasons are simple: I hate everything to do with disasters. The only reason that I saved lives and spent my life dedicated, to this cause, was to help people. Can you imagine being the most successful person, in the world at something you hate ..but your conscience forces you to do?

I have a library of horror, inside of my mind; that would ‘snap’ the mind of almost everyone. My learning curve from working at 100 + of the most destructive major disaster events, of History is to provide me with the ability to have a different ‘screaming’, cold sweat, horrific nightmare of terror, inhumanity, injustice, violence, mutilation, depravity and gruesomeness….for every night of a very long life.

So, I turned on TV, last night and the SPIKE TV channel was tuned in. To my surprise, It was a TV program featuring, my Scientific Discovery, the ‘Triangle of Life’. I was shocked. The TV program never mentioned me. It never mentioned my being used as a ‘punching bag’, for liars, scoundrels and their minions who have virtually made my life a living hell; because, I would not ‘back down’, give up or allow them to kill school children, for maximizing profit.

For years, I was offered ‘position’, prestige, wealth, bribes and more. After, I refused ‘the carrot’; I was threatened, bullied, abused, defamed, libeled; insulted and debased. After this I was ‘shot at’, attacked, investigated, destroyed and life threatened. Last Christmas Eve, as an example, I received a phone call. It was NOT a call wishing me a Merry Christmas. It was NOT about ‘good will’ and ‘peace on earth’. It was a call, from a ‘Ted Nugent’ type of ‘creep’; probably, incited by Dr Lucy Jones, telling me that he and his friends, were on their way, to my home. They weren’t bringing Christmas presents. They were “going to come to my home and ‘beat my brains out’ with baseball bats”. It is amazing what you can get used to…even when you are ‘sick'(from 911) and struggling with chronic pain and constant illness.

What the bureaucrats like Dr Lucy Jones (more on her infamy below) cannot realize is the ‘nature’, of my choice. Why am I willing to continue the fight against these villains?

Every single one of the 896 collapsed buildings that I had crawled into, to save lives and recover ‘squashed bodies’ had several things, in common:

1) I was scared.
2) I prayed.
3) I asked God not to allow me to be ‘pinned’ with rats eating me alive.
4) I asked God to take care of the ones that I love.
5) I faced a USA Government, OSHA statistic of a 60% probability of being killed.
6) I did this only for God, my faith and my desire to save lives and help people…
7) and finally I asked myself a question: “Is crawling into this building worth dieing for?”

In 25 years, I never said:”NO”. I never refused. Not once.

Back to Lucy Jones:

Dr Lucy Jones, goes ‘wild’ with hatred, lies and abuse against me. I think it is because she has found a very rewarding ‘niche’. She has prestige, fame, money, awards and much more; as a result of, her campaign to destroy me and ‘the triangle of life’. The insurance companies who have made billions, by endangering children’s lives and actually causing their death..have a champion, in her. They have actuarially determined that it is “cheaper and less trouble if schoolchildren die immediately; rather than, survive and sue for compensation”. The Insurance Company executives have told us that they are in the business of “maximizing shareholder return NOT saving lives”.

Here is an excerpt from a letter that I will post, next month. It was sent to a high level politician. I am waiting for his response.:

Rescuing and recovering victims inside of 896 collapsed buildings is one of the hundreds of indicators and evidence that I have to support my unrivaled experience and knowledge of collapsed buildings. This is all on video and substantiated by hundreds of submittals of evidence.

It is relevant to this letter and the wrong that was done, for you, to understand; that I have experienced unimaginable horrors; including, crawling into a collapsed school, in Mexico City. As I crawled up and down the aisles a little hand or foot would stick out from under the crushed desk. I asked : “Why aren’t these children in the aisles? Why are they crushed under the desks?

In 1985, upon my return to San Francisco, these facts were communicated to the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, State of California. I was invited to participate in a closed ‘GOES’ meeting. Later, I was asked to host a Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (GOES) meeting and attended more. I was informed, at all of these meetings; that ‘Duck and Cover’ was NOT to be discussed. People knew it was wrong but wouldn’t discuss it.

Finally, in good conscience, I could not attend any more of these meetings. I could not condone nor participate in the promotion of ‘duck and cover.’ It has a universal 2% survival rate; while ”The triangle of life’ would allow 90% to survive. Your current policy causes 88% of school children, to die; for no reason, other than, policy. I couldn’t understand why State of California Employees would allow the children to die; until it was explained, to me, by them and others.

Emergency Management bureaucrats told us that it is cheaper and less trouble, if the school children die, immediately via ‘duck and cover’; rather than, survive and sue the school boards for trauma or injury. The Insurance Companies told us that they had actuarially determined that it is more profitable for ‘shareholder return’ if the children die immediately. Victims who survive seek compensation. They cost money. The Insurance Executives told us that they were not in the business of saving lives; they are in the business of maximizing shareholder return. The Insurance Companies have told the school Boards that they will either cancel or increase the premium for the School Board insurance policy if they allow the children to survive, by using ‘the triangle of life’.

You must understand that I am NOT doing this for any personal gain. The opposite is true. I have been persecuted, defamed, threatened, attacked and scourged, by people, working, for you.

Dr Lucy Jones officially representing the USGS, Caltech, State of California (and other paychecks) went too far, in her attempts to discredit me and we have caught her red-handed. She went way beyond her usual lies and reached a new plateau.

The proof: Concerned citizens, in Southern California, sent me a copy of a video of Dr Lucy Jones, introduced at a City of Rancho Mirage public meeting as having been appointed, by the Governor. The DVD was sent with sworn affidavits, attached. After Dr Lucy Jones lecture, the first question asked was about the validity of ‘The triangle of Life’. She told the audience that it was completely false, based upon my experience at a collapsed school, in Mexico City (Actually, the’ t of ‘l has been substantiated by everyone of the 896 collapsed buildings that I have recovered live and dead victims, from…not just this school.) She angrily told the crowd that I was a fact..a ‘criminal fraud’ because there were no children, in the schools, She explained to the audience (as they gasped… in shock) that the earthquake happened at 7 am (it was actually 7:18 am) and that the schools were empty. She told them that it was a lie that I had witnessed dead children, under their desks; because, there were no children there. My lecture-witnesses, in attendance, were aghast and contacted me immediately. Dr Lucy Jones knew that Mexico City Schools open at 6:30 am, every day, to allow children to be dropped off, at school; while parents go to work.

For the sake of brevity, I won’t list the 18 different proofs that I have that the schools had children, crushed to death, in them. The 25 million eyewitnesses of the city of Mexico City are one part of my evidence.

You need to look no farther than your own Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (GOES) Archives, for proof that Dr Lucy Jones knowingly, willingly and purposefully, for her own selfish interests lied.

Your spokesman, for Earthquake Safety, Richard Eisner (GOES) testified under sworn deposition that 152 children died, in the school; that I had searched. The exact number was marked on the back of a photograph, of the collapsed school; which he showed to me. Richard Eisner (GOES) testified that one of the Government’s Emergency personnel had ‘attacked me, with the same lie, as Dr Lucy Jones. This was 20+ years ago. He ‘threw the lying bureaucrat under the bus’…that he had knowingly, willingly lied about the school children. I did not expect to hear this lie, again, from the State of California. Kent Paxton denied that the 137 collapsed Mexico City Schools had school children crushed in them; however, Dr Lucy Jones took this lie….her lie….to the extreme point of publicly declaring me to be a criminal fraud…FOR TELLING THE TRUTH; WHILE SHE IS THE ONE WHO LIED.

It sounds stupid and bizarre; however, the published position, of your employees, is that the triangle of Life is good, for other countries; but not the USA; because “America doesn’t have earthquakes and buildings don’t collapse in America”. This defense of ‘duck and cover’ was inadequate because people were not stupid enough to ‘swallow it.’ So, Dr Lucy Jones, leading the pack, acted like ‘Ted Nugent’ and ‘Karl Rove’ by attacking me, personally, with lies, instead. She did this at many public events. She lied about me to the Chinese press. She has caused me great harm. This time she went too far and made the State of California liable for a very serious excess.

She has spread her lies about me all over the Internet and these lies have been perpetuated by unsuspecting individuals who do not realize that her background with studying ‘earth movements’ does not qualify her to know anything about building collapse or building collapse survival. They take it for granted that she is an expert because of her titles. It doesn’t help any that she, lists grandiose safety awards, to herself, from organizations; of which, she is on the board of directors. This is misleading to most people; but, “no big surprise, to me.”

This is NOT her first controversy. Many people were upset that she used her baby as a stage prop for a TV interview, in the 90’s. Her ‘antics’ sometime appear to be more like a ‘snake-oil ‘ peddler; than someone with a scientific/analytical mind; as a spokesperson for the State of California.

Dr Lucy Jones, not only knowingly and willingly lied about the school children’s death, my having searched the crushed school; but, she went one-step-further by publicly calling me a ‘criminal fraud’ for a bold faced lie; that she was actually telling. This is a serious matter that needs to be resolved. I have received death threats, shots fired and lots more; as a result of, these hate-mongering lies and campaign of destruction.

It has been quite an ordeal; however, let me make this very clear: I have risked my life more than 2,000 times. I have gone without food. I have lived in real abject poverty while working, for many years, 80-100 hours per week, as an unpaid volunteer, saving lives. I have been ‘demonized’, defamed, abused, threatened, lied about. I have suffered greatly. I do not benefit from this battle to make schoolchildren’s lives more important than uncontrolled greed, selfishness, vested interests and shareholder return.I have dedicated my life, as an unpaid volunteer to save lives and help people. You can watch hundreds of videos, read a couple thousand documents and much much more testimonials and ‘see for yourself’ video inside of collapsed buildings at my web site and blog.

I understand the cruelty and harshness of Corporate America: children without health care, food stamps being taken away. Surely, as a civilization, it is not necessary to allow schoolchildren, to die, squashed under a desk, to maximize profit. I won’t ask if there is any limit to greed; however, I will ask you, as a decent human being, to take action. These wrongs are being done in your house.

I know that it will take guts, courage, intelligence and great political skills, for you, to save the children. I will pray to God, many times, that he helps you, to protect the California children, from the collective and individual horror that the children of Reforma School and the 136 other Mexico City Schools that crushed children, that day.

I have a couple of hundred letters of recognition from Mexican Government officials and much, much more ‘evidence’, from Mexico; including, many videos. Finally, I possess three testimonials from 3 women who, at the time, where children, in the school that I searched. This testimonials (in English and Spanish) have been , on my website (, for years.

Can you imagine a court room with Dr Lucy Jones confronting, a victim who had her legs amputated, in the collapsed Mexico City School; that I had searched? As the victim testifies about the horror of ‘duck and splatter’… of her friends squashed to ½ inch thick and reduced to a puddle of blood and meat? I have this victim’s testimonial.

These three now-grown-up women testify that they survived while their friends were crushed under their desks. Two of them were untouched because they were in the aisle ( as Doug Copp recommends ) and their friends were all squashed under their desks (as DR Lucy Jones recommends). A third child was a ‘living mixture of both methods’. Leona survived because her torso was in the aisles ( as Doug Copp recommends) ; however, her legs were crushed under her desk and required amputation before she could be pulled out of the rubble ( as Dr Lucy Jones recommends).

I look forward to your help, in righting a wrong and helping me to protect and save California school children from a crushing death. I will do whatever my conscience demands. Saving children’s lives is far more important, to me, than any personal reward or amount of money that I might win in a lawsuit. In some ways, I am trapped into choosing between my own self preservation and my conscience. Conscience wins.

Of course, I have all the proof; of every kind, that you can possibly imagine to support my claims. Enough to fill a room with boxes of evidence. Everything is available to you, as you may require. Scientific reports, actual videos inside of collapsed buildings. Thousands of thank you letters for saving lives; including, The Mexico City Earthquake. It would take months to review them all; however, in a few minutes, you will be convinced that ‘Duck and Cover’ is dead wrong and Dr Lucy Jones behavior is a disgrace, to everyone connected with her.

In spite of all the forces of greed, avarice, ignorance and inhumanity focusing on destroying me (as an individual) and destroying the ‘triangle of life’ (as an advancement of humanity.. humanlife before corporate profit)……The Triangle of Life keeps spreading.

doug copp

Finally, snapshots from the ABC Prime Time Network Special, World’s Deadliest Earthquakes, Tugba Altun, a little girl who was buried alive and I was able to save her.

The Triangle of Life// survivable void and the ‘ get next to your desk NOT under it’ Brochure already given to 1 million of a planned 5 million Turkish School Children.

About doug copp

Prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits. International Disaster Reduction Institute Institute of International Disaster January 2010 – Present (3 years 10 months)worldwide The world's most experienced Rescuer/Disaster Mitigation Management Expert , crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings at 100+ disaster events during war, peace and revolution Plus a lifetime of High Adventure; including, an undercover cop. .At almost 3,000 serious life threatening events and the medical survival from enough toxins to kill 200+ people, I am probably the world's leading survivor, from death. Survival Scientist Linkedin Profile: Summary saving lives, reducing suffering. "You must not only be good. You must be wise and wise enough to know who is good." doug copp Sometimes it is NOT enough to do good things must be strong enough to endure the attack...that will follow; especially if you are trying to place children's lives ahead of USA Insurance Company Profits...crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings helped to give me the courage that it takes; especially, considering that I have been sick every single day; since 911. FYI: USA Insurance companies oppose my 'triangle of life' survival method; because, 90% of the children would survive; instead of 98% dead. This translates into//actuarial tables indicate, survivor's seeking compensation for trauma (physical or mental) with a net result of diminished shareholder return. The insurance Company Executives told us: ” We are in the business of maximizing shareholder return..NOT..saving lives.” The USA School Boards have been told by their Insurance Carriers that their policies would be terminated or the premium would become extreme..if the children are allowed to survive, following my method. I tried to learn: I am responsible for 'what I do' and for 'what I do NOT do'. I am responsible for 'MY actions'. I am not responsible for what other people do. I discovered: that people never regret 'doing the right thing'. They only regret 'doing the wrong thing'. A life devoid of 'something worth dying for', is a life, 'not worth living'. Do all the living you can; while you can. 650,000 people died, at the major disasters I worked at..I have seen things that you cannot imagine. For all the persecution, hatred, violence and disgusting behavior that I have endured; in fighting against, evil, greedy bastards who exploited the helpless and preyed upon people..I am glad that I always did 'the right thing'. I always stood up; many times, by myself; but never alone.. If you can't be YOURSELF then who can you be?
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