Triangle of Life

August 2012 till November 2012 Updates to these categories almost every day click the ARTI website for more.

3 Responses to Triangle of Life

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  2. Hello,

    My boss is called Pierre HERVE and he’s a president of NGO CAMAHA. We have a new project and globally it’s the same ideas triangle of life. We want to present our project and may be could you become a CAMAHA’s member, of course it’s if you want.

    We expect from your news, cordially.

    Gwendoline Dugué
    Person in charge of NGO CAMAHA

    • amerrescue says:

      Gwendoline Dugué

      I have been sick from my 911 injuries and medical problems have been taking all my time. Please use the triangle of life and all my materials. I give you permission to use everything at my blog, my website and amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels. Just tell people to go to those places for more info.

      I hope to be well enough soon to join your group.

      doug copp

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