Thompson Lang

August 2012 till November 2012 Updates to these categories almost every day click the ARTI website for more.

Simply put: Thompson Lang wanted Doug Copp to provide Lang with an Emergency 911 pass. This would allow Lang to enter the restricted areas of the World trade Center. This media exclusive access would have made Lang a fortune, in syndication. Copp refused to participate in Lang’s fraudulent attempt, to pretend, to be a 911 authorized rescuer. ( In Lang’s mind) Nobody says ‘no’ to Lang!)

Lang swore revenge and his opportunity came 4 years later.  Lang discovering that Copp was ‘helpless’ and near death from his 911 injuries used his inherited newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal, to launch a media blitz of lies to destroy Copp. Lang spent 3 years and a million dollars to avoid being legally deposed, by Copp’s attorney and exposed for his life of crime.

Lang’s boast that he ‘owns’ every elected official, in the State of New Mexico was proven true when Copp’s lawsuit for 131 million dollars was terminated without any testimony, deposition or any justice. In America, as everybody knows, the super rich and powerful ‘get away with murder’. Lang did.

On this page, we will put up thousands of pages of testimony, affidavits and evidence of all kind to expose Thompson Lang as one of the most evil, anti-social and sociopathic people, in America.

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