Quake Alarm

In 2011, Quake Alarm won the ARTI Award, given for the most practically, useful safety device, in the world with a unanimous vote! In 2012, Quake Alarm has retained this award.

The World’s Most Important Safety Device. It has saved an entire school of children for less than $50-$90. It gives you enough warning, before *YOU FEEL*the destructive earthquake waves, to save your life. It really works! and it is fabulous!

Every individual, concerned with the effects of earthquakes needs to know about this breakthrough. Every public building and every school, in every earthquake prone country, of the entire world needs to be protected with this cheap, practical and effective life saver.

This device is as important, practical and life -saving, for earthquakes as a smoke detector is for fires. It is arguably the most important life saving product of the 21st century. It ‘alerts’ the same as a $200,000 seismographic machine; only it costs $50-$90. It will activate a ‘loud shrillish’ alarm ..BEFORE destructive earthquake waves come to destroy your building. Quake Alarm.com has a long list of successful activations; which allowed people to escape from almost certain death.

The University of Tokyo ‘confirmed’ Quake Alarm, at it’s seismographic/test facilities. Watch the scientific test confirmation. Go to the QuakeMexico Youtube Channel, for dozens of actual earthquake ‘alerts’, confirmations, videos, and testimonies.

“Insert a volt battery. Stick it on your wall. When you hear the Quake Alarm..move..quick! Either get outside or get into a survivable void (triangle of life) next to a large bulky object (curl up in a fetal position next to your bed, sofa, kitchen counter or desk. NEVER GET UNDER SOMETHING, LIKE A DESK, THAT WILL PROTECT YOU FROM A FALLING BOOK BUT SQUASH YOU LIKE A BUG WHEN THE BUILDING COLLAPSES).

After, the building has collapsed, the Quake Alarm will continue alerting people that you are safe, inside, to be rescued or you can crawl out of the rubble yourself.

The Quake Alarm will continue ‘blarring’ until you turn it off.

Turn it off so that rescuers will not waste time searching for a live victim, after you have already been saved.”

* quote from Doug Copp, ARTI Rescue Chief.

ARTI, The world’s most experienced rescue team has given Quake Alarm, and Dave Jacobs, the QA owner, the 2011 ARTI Award, for developing the most important life saving device, in the world.

March 2011. Quake Alarm is the only product endorsed by ARTI. It does for earthquakes what smoke detectors did for fires. It retails for $60 -90. It will provide you with enough warning of an earthquake to save your life. ARTI has given them to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Generals to protect their office and home.

In one instance it saved the lives of an entire school of children, in Mexico. The children were all outside, in lines watching as their school completely collapsed, in front of them. After this event the Governor of this region used 3 Quake Alarms, one for office, one for the bedroom and another for hotel trips.

It works. It saves lives. We recommend it highly. In fact, we cannot recommend it enough. It is capable of saving the lives of your entire family has it has repeatedly done, throughout the world.

Quake Alarm won the ARTI Award, given for the most practically, useful safety device, in the world with a unanimous vote!

Scroll Down the homepage of ARTI and read more about Quake Alarm.

[ http://www..com/watch?v=LJgDx5558cE&w=640&h=510]
Watch the Quake Alarm being tested and verified by Tokyo University. see the video.

Watch Quake Alarm saving lives, during a TV interview, during the Chilean earthquake.

Here are videos from many victims who survived because of Quake Alarm, in actual Latin American Earthquakes. from Quake Alarm, Mexico.

Click here to read precise and specific activation reports during earthquakes, as far away as 834 miles.

If you live in the USA; click here, for purchasing information.

or here

Go to the Quake Alarm website to locate the distributor, in your country.

Here is a list of non-USA Distributors; as of, February 28, 2011.

Country Contact
(If you are from:) . . . (Contact the distributor at:)
Argentina . . . quakealarm@v-tec.cl
Bolivia . . . quakealarm@v-tec.cl
Chile . . . quakealarm@v-tec.cl
China . . . http://www.isol.co.id
Columbia . . . quakealarm@v-tec.cl
Dominican Republic . . . smendez42@yahoo.com
Ecuador . . . quakealarm@v-tec.cl
French Caribbean Island . . . ager@rocketmail.com
Greece . . . http://www.seismotec.gr
Haiti . . . smendez42@yahoo.com
Honduras . . . http://www.quakehonduras.com
India . . . http://www.giplindia.com
Indonesia . . . http://www.isol.co.id
Iran . . . quakealarm.iran@yahoo.com
Israel . . . http://www.quakealarm.co.il
Kazakhstan . . . sales@quakealarm.kz
Kuwait . . . ronb@novadynamics.com
Mexico . . . http://www.quakemexico.com
Nepal . . . ests@wlink.com.np
Peru . . . quakealarm@v-tec.cl
Philippines . . . ebec@pldtdsl.net
Puerto Rico. . . quakealarmpr@hotmail.com
Singapore . . . http://www.isol.co.id
Slovania . . . elektro.bohinc@siol.net
Taiwan . . . fs_safety@mail2taiwan.com
Turkey . . . http://www.gittigidiyor.com
U.A.E . . . quake_alarm_uae@yahoo.com
Venezuela . . . ofistar@cantv.net

If the Quake Alarm does not yet have a distributor, in your country. Then we encourage a capable distributor, to come forward and help us save lives.

This is an opportunity for a smart businessman to; also, become a ‘humanitarian’ and a ‘life saver’. Contact Dave Jacobs, the owner of Quake Alarm at safstart@aol.com , to get more information.

2 Responses to Quake Alarm

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  2. George Wade says:

    Thanks for your call about Quake alarm, Doug. Partners in the senior’s housing I live in believe that it would be good for us and good for schools in surrounding districts. The 12% Chinese population do not need much selling on the idea: many of them already know about both alarms giving useful warning and to dive for a preplanned Triangle of Life.

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